Zune Paint

Spec Ad for Zune-arts.net Directed By: Sibling Rivalry DISCLAIMER: Microsoft had no part in making this film. we made this with no money and for fun, so enjo…

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24 Responses to Zune Paint

  1. TigerJackson916 says:

    i’m? in loss of words

  2. AbartsWorld says:

    MS must have thought “This will kill iPod” when they filmed? this

  3. AbartsWorld says:


  4. Pedro Gonzalez says:

    Im scared? ^_^

  5. CherryFlavouredRamen says:

    Honestly one of the best things I’ve ever seen.?

  6. Squishy876 says:

    I’m done with the internet.?

  7. L.M.V ? says:


  8. xmisogyny says:

    Somehow..? I just knew.

  9. Stewiegriffinist says:

    What is this? fuckery!?

  10. Ricardo Lopez says:

    ok my eyes hurt?

  11. Aqquila89 says:

    How is? that supposed to sell a product?

  12. hermeticbear says:

    I have so loved this video for so long, all because 3 years before it was made, I did the exact same thing at highways in Santa Monica, CA, and then again the? Eagle-LA in Los Angeles, CA

  13. OswaldsNightingale says:

    I’m not…? lol

  14. DJIN1uk says:

    I hate it when that happens, makes the toilet a bitch? to clean…

  15. √úberMarginal says:

    That’s George Lucas writing the? script for “The Phantom Menace”.

  16. FLCL0303 says:

    That’s what? Microsoft does to their customers every day.

  17. Tareltonlives says:

    If Jason Pollock? made tubgirl

  18. Imatrollyay says:

    Zune:? It’ll make you shit paint.

  19. malcolmhex says:

    man, that painting? looks like SHIT!

  20. 420rogerz says:

    After seeing this bear squirt paint out? his ass I’m feeling quite heterosexual

  21. Kilo Mylo says:

    i thikn you mean it the? other way around. there is porn of it because it exists

  22. gatorrz4lif says:

    is that? supposed to show how shitty zunes are compared to ipods

  23. GPOA1988 says:

    Fucking? Nice…… LOL

  24. Wrenaux Stewart says:

    Because there’s? porn of it.

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