Zune Integration on Windows Phone 7

Zune integration is a cornerstone of WIndoes Phone 7, permeating music, video, podcasts, and more. How does it stack up? You decide. TechnoBuffalo: http://te…

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25 Responses to Zune Integration on Windows Phone 7

  1. jhav5 says:

    Very? Good Demonstrations. Its really helpful.

  2. Zain Farid says:

    Hello Everyone
    I just wanted to know that can i play music and then text at the same time in windows? phone 7
    Please tell me

  3. ZuneLuv3r says:

    yes it will automatically change? your music over to zune.

  4. ben del bianco says:

    i got tht same phone a few months ago and had never heard of zune but i? was really impressed with it but at the same time so confused why i hadnt heard of it before :) great job microsoft!

  5. jirdimaster says:

    Does anybody know how to actually close the Zune software? Something tells me the songs that are eternally paused in the background are? running down the battery

  6. satinsguard says:

    Microsoft perfected wireless sync long? before Apple did.

  7. pkConda says:

    forcing people to switch away from itunes/winamp/whatever in order? to use the windows phone is kind of a big obstacle for many prospective buyers. You gotta reorganize your entire library and get used to a different software. It’s a lot to ask since its a phone you’re buying (you don’t expect it to radically change how you use your computer)

  8. Pufpastry says:

    You’re not really a douche. It’s just what a person would? prefer. For instance I have tried both but I would prefer to use WP7 because I think the interface is a little cleaner and a bit more neat. I also have zune on my 360 and PC and prefer zune to iTunes. It’s all about what you prefer. P.S. I know people that think very differently from me.

  9. TOBTOB92 says:

    how do i change zune? background??

  10. TOBTOB92 says:

    how do? i change background??

  11. OM G says:

    does anybody with a windows phone 7 know how to upload? songs from the phone back onto zune? I got a new computer.. thanks

  12. Josh eashappie says:

    if u download music from Zune u will get artist and stuff but if u do it your self u got to make sure the title and all? the info is correct so that the zune sofware can update it its self, i know i have a zune Hd

  13. N11Ckk123472 says:

    I? know I feel like a douche comparing this to apple stuff but, Zune HD = iTouch. Windows Phone = iPhone.

  14. rehaq7 says:

    I? have the same problem! Someone help please!

  15. ltintel says:

    Hey I have a HTC mozart. I have the same problem for the artists background thing. Mine is just blank. Can someone help us with? this?

    As for the marketplace label, i guess zune marketplace is not supported in my country.

  16. coopkiller123 says:

    so how do i? set it up?

  17. Angie Rodriguez says:

    So? my zune would kinda be useless if I got a windows phone?

  18. zero6gg says:

    how is the appstore for zune phones?

    can you? rate songs like you do on zune HD

  19. Kazeken says:

    I’m? thinking from stepping from android to windows phone 7 I have to say I love the UI and also I love the Zune integration, android dosent have a official mp3 store besides amazon so it makes me think of the iphone(I hate the UI) So it just might be my next device with nokia~

  20. cossheisnmzenna says:

    Help! How come on my HTC Trophy, my music and videos tile is just? the tile color with the zune logo? It dosent have the pictures of the artists on it, like in this video and other videos/photos I’ve seen?

  21. Aschenbecherrr says:

    I have the HTC HD 7 with Windows Mobile 7 which includes ZUNE. Zune is just? crap!

  22. emilalipiev says:

    thats? same with Itunes. but you can copy videos inside ur phone without zune as well. just u need to change some registery settings. google it.

  23. emilalipiev says:

    of course not :) why u wanna use that crappy itunes anyway. Zune is much better than it. you can also use wp7 like flash drive and just copy paste things inside it. but not default. you need to amend some registry settings. google for it.? you will find it.

  24. DisIsAlex180 says:

    If you don’t have zune on your computer but you have Itunes (with no itunes purchases) will it put those songs on your phone? I might get a windows? phone and I’d like to know.. Thanks to whoever answers this(:

  25. xolandezx says:


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