Zune HD Connection Problem With Windows 7

watch the entire video then go back and do what is says so you get a feel for whats going to be asked of you. link the to trouble shooting site: http://suppo…

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21 Responses to Zune HD Connection Problem With Windows 7

  1. Peterson Blanc says:

    Q: I have a Zune, and want to it be recognized as? a hard drive on the folder directory. There are extra folders I would like to copy to my computer aka app emulator that I want to keep. How do I get my Zune to be seen that way to copy and drag the old fashion way?

  2. TopNoTchVSOP says:

    @Alex Cowan: I’m having trouble with my Zune HD driver is not properly installing with the device manager. I’m running OS Window 7,so after the device manager installed the driver the Zune driver? following those steps,now it (Zune Software) is not identifying the Zune device to synchronize my music.

  3. jess suarez says:

    same problem, but Can’t even find the Zune at Portable Devices..? can you help me please?? this is frustrating as hell… thank you guys!

  4. jess suarez says:

    same problem, but Can’t even? find the Zune at Portable Devices..? can you help me please? this is frustrating as hell… thank you Alex

  5. jess suarez says:

    same problem, but Can’t even? find the Zune at Portable Devices.. can you help me please? this is frustrating as hell… thank you guys!

  6. aeron hicks says:

    thank you this helped so much? :D

  7. Alex Cowan says:

    That sounds pretty serious i would contact zune with your problem. They? are very helpful with problems.
    Best of luck

  8. hmscooler96 says:

    I bought one from one at pawn shop. Brought it home, plugged it in. It wouldn’t charge or turn on and it got extremely hot (it almost burned to touch it). So Zune sent another one and let me get my money back.This one turned on and was fine till I plugged it into my comp and got the same skin? searing results. SO, i got another one and took it out of the box and plugged it in and got the SAME results. Any ideas? IT won’t plug in at all and the computer won’t recognize anything is plugged in.

  9. PalyBeast says:

    Can’t even find the Zune at Portable Devices.. I? am giving up soon.

  10. Himay31992 says:

    Hey just a correction and this will actually save you steps, just disable the driver first and then re enable? it ok try it it worked for me. Like this to get it to the top guys! this also solves any usb problems guys but do it from the usb driver section and only disable/enable ones with the yellow exclamation point

  11. juniper94 says:

    boy sounds like sum1 has a problem with win7…. good tutorial tho! thanks. how ya doin? with xp now…..

  12. AlanTheTree says:

    i had the same? problem with vista=? but i did what u said and it works now

  13. UnpredictableImp123 says:

    *sniff* my zune wont sync w the program or any wifi anymore. i’ve just about done everything but hard reset the thing. if anybody know a WORKING? solution, please share

  14. Countryboinaga says:

    If usb cable wont work just do a windows firewall search and turn it on…I have had this problem for months works? like a charm

  15. ace103935 says:

    another help for everyone i was acting stupid with my zune and held all three buttons on the hd fully fixed all my problems when i couldnt sync it jus needs to be updated for windows 7 and doing this will update it for? you i hope this helps everyone!!!!

  16. Alex Cowan says:

    im thinking that may be a problem with your? zune software but im not an expert on wireless syncing sorry i couldnt help much, im sure someone out there is having the same problem.
    if u solve the issue id love for u to comment the video with the solution so i could help others.

  17. theryankelsey says:

    I am having the opposite problem. i can’t wirelessly sync to my windows 7 pc. I did it once, but now it doesn’t. Ironically, it does show up in my devices and printers screen on the network fine. What can I do to solve this? issue?

  18. Alex Cowan says:

    no? prob glad i could help.

  19. josiah mandrell says:

    AMAZING!!!!!!!…..thank you so so so much…..ur amazing….iv been trying to get my zune to connect for months and months…..by the way it also works with the old zune so this system does not only fix the zune hd problems? but all the zunes….again thank you so much

  20. rarisss says:

    actually, everytime i sync my? zune hd w/ my W7 it syncs perfectly but the wireless sync is my problem

  21. david kang says:

    mine doesnt work? n i have a 8g

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