Zune HD – 3D Games

Here is a preview of 3D games running on the Zune HD. Zune HD games Zune HD games.

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25 Responses to Zune HD – 3D Games


    It’s? a motherfuckin peace of shit

  2. gadgetgrl76 says:

    Why is? the screen so small?!!!!

  3. merlin207 says:

    Mwahaha,? reflection. I know who you are now!

  4. amlb146 says:

    It’s just so sad that more developers didn’t? take advantage of it. I really do love my Zune HD for the Marketplace pass, but the app selection is worth bitching about. =p

  5. sabby konig says:

    dont talk while you? drive

  6. Tuuuudels says:

    microsoft is awesome. but apple is better, coz it’s only compatible with other apple products. microsoft produncts r working with evrything :’) Zune is goin great…but the ipod touch? is better. :o

  7. Brendan Schifano says:

    i have a ipod touch 4g and im? going to get a Zune hd (32gb) hopefully. the only problem is its made by Microsoft and im not a fan of them

  8. obeezy7 says:

    the only thing? zune does not have is flash, camera, and alot of games/apps either than that it’s really good 4 a mp3 player

  9. AZNAngel32 says:

    Actually, with the Zune’s OLED screen plus its Tegra chip, it’s? back to ZuneHD > iPod Touch

  10. Porkosaurus Pigtits says:

    got ipod touch 4g 64gb, ipod classic 160gb, 4th gen shuffle, and an ipad 2 3g 64gb? fuck you zune hd… fuck you hard… ppl who hate on apple either never bought anything from apple or simply aren’t happy with their prices…

  11. ImNoJadedImsoniac says:

    apple? sucks cock

  12. tellthetruthyoumoron says:

    emmm? was soll das werden wenns fertig ist?

  13. Ognian Apostolov says:

    xD 3 people know that Apple is so? much better

  14. bart2daman says:

    AWESOME unfortunately zunes aren’t available in south africa :( so i won’t be able to get one that is so F***up why the can you only get the zune? in the us what about china and japan the zune will never beat other music players

  15. AreYouDeadYet9 says:

    u can get a free app? from the appstore on the mac that allows u to sync ur zune

  16. bart2daman says:

    The? game With the music would be so cool with AC/DC Highway To Hell

  17. bart2daman says:

    i think the zune is cool once microsoft makes the? software you sync it with for mac as well i’ll buy me one of those

  18. ParaTroopaGoomba says:

    he? sounds like the guy from super high me

  19. wtfsaywat says:

    i want this so bad i? wish i could exchange my touch for this

  20. Flightkid9 says:

    I’m not? sure but I think they got rid of adds recently, I’m not sure though

  21. Josh eashappie says:

    i? dont get adds? weird

  22. clownytheclownster says:

    – video chatting, which is what i use my computer for if i? wanted to chat on the go anyway thats what a phone would be for like umm idk the windows phones. either way its a choice on preference. Hackers and people who mod or just prefer Microsoft or a cheaper but very nice music player.. will most likely choose zune because of how versatile it is. more of the people who dont now much about software and hardware will go with ipod because it’s more popular either way .preference

  23. clownytheclownster says:


    Why the zune is better, zune has HD radio, has a musicsubscription not through a third party for unlimited streaming music and dounloads. it has a better screen than like every ipod but the newest like 4th generation ones? hell when zune hits 4th generation we’ll probably have 3d holographic images by then. “more apps” yeah made by third party people, we? can make our one apps and emulators. “camera on front and back” why the fuck do you need two cameras anyway other than –

  24. MrHTaurus says:

    I have 1 inportant question! Is? the loudspeaker good? :)

  25. MrHTaurus says:

    I have 1 inportant question! Is the? speaker good :) ? Plz answer

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