Zune 120 Repair: How to Replace your Zune 120GB Battery

http://www.badgizmorepair.com This repair guide will show you how to replace your battery in your Zune 120.

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18 Responses to Zune 120 Repair: How to Replace your Zune 120GB Battery

  1. boiprof says:

    Hey I changed my zune battery but for some? reason the lock stopped working. Any idea why?

  2. KingConker101 says:

    Why dosnt this video show how to remove the old battery, Do you just rip it? out or use the soldering tool?

  3. kissarmy110936 says:

    hi i have a zune 120gb model1376 not sure if itd the same in the vid. if so where? can i get a batter for it?

  4. Norra (Official) says:

    So i did just as you said, adn it went great… until i plugged it in i get “error 5. contact support” i believe that means something is wrong with the? hard drive… any ideas/solutions? thank you

  5. soshifred says:

    At least if I? drop it, it won’t crack and cost me $99 to fix -_-;

  6. Play Account says:

    Never mind. A little after I posted my questions ,? the Zune powered up and seems to be working fine. Thank you again for posting your video. Peace

  7. Play Account says:

    Hi. I enjoyed your video. It’s helped me out a lot. However, I have three questions regarding the battery install. I just installed my battery approximately 1 hour ago. So far my Zune hasn’t powered up. My questions are, is the Zune supposed to power up instantly once the battery is installed and usb cable is plugged in or does? it take a while? If it takes a while to charge, how long? Last question. If it is determined that the battery was installed wrong, can the same battery be reinstalled?

  8. wheresthefreakingmus says:

    -_- I did this and now it says contact support now it? is trash.

  9. wheresthefreakingmus says:

    What is the exact solder tool you used here? I have no idea about soldering so I would be grateful if you can tell me the exact product you used here, I don’t want to ruin my? Zune :(

  10. DanilovesRobi b says:

    I have a first generation that won’t power up anymore. Do you think I can change the battery and bring? it back to life?

  11. Lilreeces10 says:

    Thanks! I guess I’ll try this tomorrow. Especially since I’ve still got like? 50GBs left. I saw they don’t sell them anymore either and I was hoping I wouldn’t have to buy a stupid IPOD, YES!

  12. j9qw says:

    I’ve checked and rechecked, the solder is not touching each other. They’re all in the correct place and the zip cord is back in? place. I can’t figure out what went wrong.

  13. BadGizmoRepair says:

    Make sure that none of solder points are? touch each other this will cause it to not power on.

  14. j9qw says:

    I hate to say it, but this didn’t work for me. I used this and the tutorial on the badgizmodo website and by the end, my zune 120 failed to start up. It also made a sizzling noise which i think was a short circuit when I tried to touch the black wire to the already soldered section after the other 3? wires were on. I wish this tutorial would have been a little more specific on the to do’s and the to dont’s.

  15. corey gipperich says:

    I’m trying to pry apart the front and rear panel and I can’t seem to get in between them. I noticed in the video that you? already have a bit pried open…Could you give me a tip on how you did that?

  16. BadGizmoRepair says:

    thanks we should have an updated version? up sometime soon! Make sure you check out BadGizmo.com

  17. ggfb20 says:

    Thanks, helped? a bunch, just replaced the battery on my mom’s 2nd gen 120gb Zune. Everything works like a charm.

  18. Shiek3113 says:

    just for clarification, this technique works for the 1st generation 120 gb zune? i’ve had mine for 4 years and the battery? finally died.

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