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John asks…

My friend makes decisions which I disapprove what should I do?

My friend is an anime fanatic, japan obsessed, an avid video gamer, an introvert and from what I believe, he is depressed. I am his best friend and I used to be what I described him, but I changed myself to be better so that I could be confident and have good self-esteem. I've made lots more friends since I changed. I started to take responsibility in high school and became much more social. Enough about me though. I want my friend to experience what I am living right now, but he seems to not listen everytime I confront that he should stop staying up til 4 AM in the morning watching anime or playing video games for endlessly. I fear that his actions will turn him into those students that don't seem to be so social and have insecurities dictate his actions. The students in school that seem to be social outcasts out of the whole student group. I have no common ground with my best friend now. In my change for what I see is now a newer and better life I destroyed what made me and my friend, best friends. I want him to live a better life, but he seems to fear in trusting me. He is obsessive of his hobbies and I think his pleasures will ruin him. He seems to be controlled by his pleasures because in the past he was in pain by a online relatonship through a game known as World of Warcraft and so he seems to avoid pain as much as often in return to let pleasure dictate his actions and thoughts. He quit World of Warcraft, but he is still following a destructive path of self-indulgence and gratification by fantasizing. He wishes he was Asian like me for some reason and I don't like him thinking that. I feel like he is taking away my individuality by thinking these thoughts and disrespecting his own ethnicity/culture at the same time. I've decided that I am going to break-up with him since it is the best for me and continue to make more friends like I have been doing. I am going to just watch him as from what I see is a path of destruction, but hopefully he'll turn out good. Worrying and caring for him seems too stressful and doesn't do me any good. He seems to have become the Id in Sigmund Freud's psychology and I am the Superego.

So I ask, if there is any alternative than to just leave him, please give me advice for me to make more options.

dknol answers:

Listen very carefully to this very important truth and you will be much happier in your life:

The only person you can change is yourself.

You can never change another person.

Congratulations for making the changes in your own life that have made you happy. It's a kind thing in you that you care about your friend and want to help.

You have offered your advice. Now your job is done. You must accept your friend for who he is rather than trying to force your own decisions on him. He has the right to choose his own way.

If you can't accept him without judging, then you should move on. No one wants a friend who is always judging them and finding them unacceptable. You can't change him. You will only make him resent you and eventually hate you if you keep trying. Leave him to make his own decisions in life and whatever happens to him is his life, not yours.

Joseph asks…

To all Call of Duty fans and players. Read this? **Long Read**?

*This is for all of the Call of Duty players and fans here. If you aren't a frequent Call of Duty player, then this question may not interest you.*

The Call of Duty franchise is owned by Activision, which is run by CEO Bobby Kotick.
^If you don't know who Bobby Kotick is, take a quick glance at this short wiki page.

If you do know who Bobby Kotick is, then you'll know that he's a greedy, insane, and widely hated person across the entire videogame industry. Because of the way he runs his company, and the fact that he can't seem to open his mouth without saying something completely crazy. If you're a Call of Duty player, and wonder why the series releases 2 titles a year on every single gaming platform, it's because of this man.

Quote from wiki: “In responding to why Activision Blizzard chose not to publish certain games following the Activision/Blizzard merger, he stated that focusing on franchises that “have the potential to be exploited every year on every platform with clear sequel potential and have the potential to become $100 million franchises”

So there you have it. Call of Duty games are released constantly to make Activision millions of dollars. But hey, as long as the fans are happy right?

THIS IS ALL BESIDES THE POINT! I didn't make this question to bash anyone that buys activision games, or Call of Duty games. If CoD games come out often, and you're happy with them, what's the problem right?

But a little earlier, I read something very interesting that Mr. Kotick said to the Wall Street Journal (

You need a login to view the full article, but within that article, I want to call your attention to one specific part.

“Bobby Kotick was asked by the Wall Street Journal what one thing he would change about his company if he could snap his fingers and make it happen. His answer: “I would have Call of Duty be an online subscription service tomorrow”

Did you read that? Kotick just said that he'd turn Call of Duty into a pay-to-play game. Does anyone of you find this totally insane?

Most MMO's are pay-to-play. But take a look at a game like WoW. World of Warcraft offers a myriad of play styles – from crafting to guild membership, from exploring to raids. The flexibility of a first person shooter is, frankly, much lower. Too low to be a pay-to-play game. Yet Bobby Kotick seems to think he can do it. And he WANTS to do it.

How do you Call of Duty players feel about this? What would you do if suddenly a Call of Duty game came out that was pay to play? Before you answer, I want you to really look into the kind of person that Bobby Kotick is.

I don't play Call of Duty games at all, but I found this to be interesting and well…. crazy. I'm interested in hearing the thoughts of the fanbase on this?

TL;DR – Kotick desires to turn the Call of Duty franchise into pay-to-play subscription service (For details, read my question.)
EDIT: This also would apply to 360 players. Whom already have to pay the high annual price of Xbox Live, would have to pay MORE to play Call of Duty.

dknol answers:

Yeah this is why smart people stay away from Blizzard/Activision completely. If he has his way WOW is going to double in price over the next few years and that is only the beginning.

Oh you didn't know that Blizzard/Activision are the same company? Yup! Activision bought out Blizzard some time ago.

Advice to gamers: Cancel your WOW subs and play on private servers or put your money into another game like LOTRO. And NEVER EVER *ever* buy any COD franchise games. This includes Black Ops. The money is just lining Kotick's pockets and paving the way for him to destroy gaming. The more people buy these titles, the quicker he will move to pay-to-play.

People that think this won't ever happen need to take a hard look at the Call of Duty sales history, and think realistically about the future of gaming.

ALSO LOLZ at the person that thinks Kotick's life would be in danger for doing this! OMG there are dictators and murderers that people wont come near yet they are going to take out this video game ceo because he is exploiting his customers? Lols for days…

Instead put your money into good games that let you do what you want with servers…like the entire Battlefield Series.

George asks…

How do you avoid subliminal messages effect?

Hello, I know that subliminal messages are true. But does anyone know how to avoid subliminal messages effect? Like, if I KNEW that there are subliminal messages in this specific thing I am watching/listening, could my brain be automatically immune to the subliminal message it is trying to deliver?

Although mostly, I am more concerned on Audio subliminal messaging. If I already knew there are subliminal messages in this game's background song I was listening, will I still be affected by it (also, I still want to listen to the game's background song)? And… what about Backmasking (the backmasking I refered is this one: )? If you already knew there are Backmasking in there, will you get affected by it?

Ok, lastly, if my brain is not immune to subliminal messages upon knowing the presence, then what should I do to block subliminal messages (excluding stop playing the game)?

Thank you very much and sorry for such long article. I'm only concerned because I played World of Warcraft, as you know, it's a very addictive game and there is rumor that it is addictive because of subliminal messages in the game. This is the video I am refering, please take a look:

NOTE: Sorry about the bad grammar and spelling error, I'm a little bit scared while typing this.
Thanks again. Bye

dknol answers:

I think you misunderstand what subliminal messages are or how they work.

If we take the classic example from film an editor may (illegally usually – subliminal messaging is often illegal) put in one or two frames of a Buy Pepsi! Picture. The point of this is not to MAKE you go out and buy pepsi – it's not mind control. By seeing it (even if your conscious brain doesn't recognise it because it's too quick) you THINK about pepsi, and because you're thinking about it you may well decide to go and buy one.

So even if WoW had subliminal messages (it is pretty unlikely – there are a lot of nerds out there who like looking at code and they'd spot it!) it's hard to see how it would make you (or persuade you to) play it more. Subliminal messages are useful for getting you to think about objects or products, not necessarily to make you feel content with playing.

I'd say one of the reasons WoW is so addictive is that it combines several concepts which are appealing to its market base. Firstly it's a good game – well designed, satisfying, fun etc. Secondly it's social – but in a way nerds (sorry!) are comfortable with. Thirdly the way the game is designed; it takes a lot of effort to raise your level or get good, whether it be for your own enjoyment or to keep up with your friends you HAVE to play it for a long time. If your guild needs you to get that extra spell for a raid on wednesday you'll have to spend longer on tuesday training to get it – and if you don't you'll let your friends down. Such is the nature of the beast!

If you think you're playing it too much then, simply, don't! Learn the accordion, go to the theatre, buy a pogo stick. Do all three! That'd be awesome. I have made the next youtube sensation!

Laura asks…

How do I compare two Nvidia graphics cards?

I am trying to decide if I should buy a new video card, or purchase a second one of my old card and run an SLI configuration. I'm looking for a website or utility that lists the benchmarks for various Nvidia cards.
I tried the Wiki site, but it lists data like ‘stream processors' and ‘Gigaflopps'. I'm looking for measurements along the lines ofWorld of Warcraft frame rate.” Even then, comparing across two different types of card (a 260 vs a 460) has different data fields.
Right now the most popular card is the GTX 460… which sells for about $200. But I do a search for the 260 GTX (what I currently have) and also get a price of $200. How can I compare between these two cards to see if I should go 260 SLI or 460 Single?
Or… is it possible to SLI a 460 and a 260?

dknol answers:

You can SLI two different cards on a motherboard that has the lucid hydra chip, like the msi 870 hydra. But it's not going to be as good as going with the same of two cards.

GTX 260 SLI will crush a single GTX 460.

Helen asks…

Which of these upcoming films are confirmed?

Browsing Wiki (unreliable I know) I built a list of upcoming films I'm interested in. if you know of any that are confirmed please spill!

Terminator 4
Jurassic Park 4
Splinter Cell
E.T 2 < OMFG
Transformers 2
Bad Boys 3
Jeepers Creepers 3
Battle Royale (American Remake)
Spider Man 4
Bond 23 (not 22)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Ice Age 3
The Sims
World Of Warcraft
Speed 3
Silver Surfer
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
King Kong Vs Jaws < (No joke)
Mortal Kombat: Devastation
The Hobbit
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Saw V

dknol answers:

I have one the thing to say! Look them up on there. It will tell you.

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