Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Private Server

Michael asks…

What is a good World of warcraft private server?

hey guys, i want a private server that is for noobs like me and i would be able to learn how to play?

dknol answers:

I played on Shoupz for a while. It's pretty fun.

Steven asks…

World of Warcraft Private server How to play withought the game?

I dont wanna play the 10 day trial, i wanna see if its worth leveling to 70 if it sux being at tht lv so is there like a download to play a private server and if this sounds weird just give me a guide or something cuz i really want to play Wow but i dont want to spend all that money on a game i hate

dknol answers:

Well download the game for free off of the blizzard webpage then visit

This is a free private server and they give you instructions on how to get it working so you can play on it.

Donna asks…

How To Join A World Of Warcraft Private Server?

Hello, I am wondering how to get on a WoW Private Server? Thanks, I need the Step by step directions.
Thanks alot.

dknol answers:

Tingle's Private World of Warcraft Server Tutorial, shows you how, just google wow private server tutorial

Helen asks…

I need a good World Of Warcraft private server?

I want to find a private server that runs like the game. I don't like the servers that start you at level 80. I enjoy leveling and playing the game as close to the real one as possible. Does anyone know a good server for that?

dknol answers:

Here are some good private servers, enjoy

Ruth asks…

Will using a Leveling Bot on a World of Warcraft private server get me banned?

If not, which bot should I use. It's one of those private server where the only way to level is by killing things.

dknol answers:

It depends on the person/persons running the server. It is their server, and they can really do whatever they want with it. If you already play on a private server, I would ask a GM to see if it's ok. If it is ok, you would have to research which bot to use, I've never really looked into that too much.

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