Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Private Server

Paul asks…

Is playing on a World of Warcraft private server legal?

I was just wondering if playing on a private server is legal, because some people say it is legal, and some people say it is not. Thanks for the help!

dknol answers:

It is indeed illegal.

Emulators / private servers are against Blizzards TOS. If you have an active account with WoW, you’ve agreed with this the first time you logged in and the first time you logon after each patch. Your account can be banned for playing on a private server. You might want to weigh whether losing access to your characters is worth it.

Running (making) emulator / private server is actually illegal. Blizzard is one of the only game companies to win court cases against the operators of private servers. Even if you don’t have a WoW account, connecting to a private server is illegal.

Q u o t e:
Only Blizzard or its licensees have the right to host the Game. You may not host or provide matchmaking services for the Game, or intercept, emulate or redirect the proprietary communication protocols used by Blizzard in connection with the Program, regardless of the method used to do so. Such prohibited methods may include, but are not limited to, protocol emulation, reverse engineering, modifying the Program, adding unauthorized components to the Program, or using a packet sniffer while the Program is running.


Q u o t e:
(iv) facilitate, create or maintain any unauthorized connection to the Game or the Service, including without limitation any connection to any unauthorized server that emulates, or attempts to emulate, the Service. All connections to the Game and/or the Service, whether created by the Game Client or by other tools and utilities, may only be made through methods and means expressly approved by Blizzard. Under no circumstances may you connect, or create tools that allow you or others to connect, to the Game's proprietary interface other than those expressly provided by Blizzard for public use.


Thomas asks…

How to connect To World of Warcraft Private Server Withought the game ?

is there something i can download to play a private server plz i really need to know

dknol answers:

Download WoW here:

Next download the expansion:

Finally enter the name of your private server into your WoW's file.

Example: set realmlist

William asks…

How do i update my World of Warcraft private server?

I just created a private server then they came out with patch 3.0.8 in wow XD. How do i update my private server to play on 3.0.8

dknol answers:

When I'm logging in to public servers there is an option for it to be downloaded, so I presume you can go to their website or to the option and download it there.

Nancy asks…

Can I make a world of warcraft private server for myself on a mac?

I have a macbook and i installed BC and regular wow and I want to play on my own private server. Is this possible?

dknol answers:

Well… You mean by yourself? Yes its possible but you need a good bit of knowledge about computers… And with others? Try searching top WoW private servers…
And also… Its kinda against Tos… Soo yea… Be careful who you ask

David asks…

how can i play on a world of warcraft private server?

i downloaded the free trial and finished it but i cannot buy the full version, and i was wondering if anyone can give me tips on where to download and play on a free private server. i am looking for mid-leveling have a friend who plays wowbeez and another plays molten. where can i download the game and then change the realmlist?

dknol answers:

The forum for the one you play on should have or be able to suggest links to install it, as well as be able to tell you what to change to realmlist file to. Be sure to only let it patch up to what they currently support and not past it. (p.s. You may already know, but you also need a new account with them, can't use the trial login since that's for Blizzard.)

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