Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Private Server

Thomas asks…

What world of warcraft private server has a level cap of 255? Read more detail.?

Im looking for a world of warcraft private server, the server must be version 4.2 and the level cap should be level 255. preferably start at level 1, i don't care what the experience rate is :3

dknol answers: does… Might lag more than the better severs such as wowscape though…

Robert asks…

What's a good pre-made world of warcraft private server repack?

What's a good pre-made world of warcraft private server repack?

I'm looking for a repack for patch 3.3.2 that has the mall and customs events and all of that already made, a REPACK. Thanks!

dknol answers:

Get a job and pay for the live servers.

Steven asks…

What's a good World of Warcraft Blizzlike and Low/Mid Rate Private Server?

What is a good World of Warcraft Private Server which has Blizzlike, and Low/Mid Rates in Drops/EXP? My friend and I would like to join WoW but not have to pay to monthly fee. I do not want answers saying I shouldn't join because of this or that, thank you.

dknol answers:

About a week ago i started playing on Bloodcraft. Its so blizzlike that they say they are the first blizzclone. Its exactly like the real WoW. It has a decent population. The only problem is that u have to be on patch 3.3.3 or it wont work but downgrading is simple.
Their website's currently down but you can still sign up.

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Paul asks…

World of Warcraft Private Server questions?

So, I've been playing World of Warcraft for a long time. I've become bored of the normal WoW, but today I'm home sick and was on YouTube and came across these private server videos. I've heard of them, but don't know much about them.

I already have a subscription to WoW, but can I still join a private server?

Also, which is the best?

What is the best way to go about getting into one?

I'd like to be on a GM private server.

dknol answers:

Sure, you can still join a private server…

If you want your real account to be instantly and permanently banned at IP level.

Private servers are illegal, despite anyone trying to convince you that they are not.

James asks…

does any1 have all the files of a world of warcraft private server on a online file storing system?

me and my brother are setting up a World of Warcraft private server in our ccnt class. We need all the files and things for a private server but do not feel like doing it all by our selves. so we thought we could see if anyone had them on a online file storage site, such as please help us! contact me by Aim at ironguitarist16 or just answer me on here. thanks!

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