Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Private Server

Mary asks…

World of Warcraft Private Server Question?

Ive been thinking about getting into World of Warcraft but I dont really feel like paying for it, so I figured Id try out a private server. I was wondering if anyone had any experience playing a private server? What is it like? And what are the main differences between the private servers and the main ones?

dknol answers:

Well in a private server you level faster get gold easier and obtain gear more easily but i played for a couple years on a main server and did play once on a Private server and it sorta takes the fun outta the game ya know its fun to try and figure out how to get gear and kill bosses but yea the private servers are free but basically the private servers are the game much easier and like there aren't any rules

Betty asks…

Is there a World Of Warcraft Private server that closely emulates the real game?

As in one where there are no instant 80's or cheats. Just a private server that is just like or almost just like the real game.

dknol answers:

Nope blizzard is super strict on this and crushes any one with huge lawsuits that tries to start one up only way is to make one your self and only let a few close friends in on it once it gets out to blizzard it will be crushed had a friend made one once and talked about it in wow and invited a friend from wow to play on it and blizzard deleted both there real wow accounts and sent them a letter telling them if there server wasn't brought down they would face legal action

James asks…

How to join a World of Warcraft Private server?

I hear that it's free and i don't have money atm to pay for my account,
so i need steps on how to get into a private server.

dknol answers:

Just google warcraft private server.

Typically, you have to roll back your version to whatever the private server is using. Then edit a file to tell the client to point at the private servers instead of the commercial ones. And, most important of all, start the game directly by clicking on the WoW executable instead of the launcher program (it resets the server list is why). Most private servers maintain a website that explains this. It's really not hard. Most private servers are free and many have interesting perks. For example, one I know of, you start out at level 80 and have 10,000 gold. Special vendors are stocked with nice level 70 gear and the loot tables are set to 500x normal while honor points are 100x normal. Basically, new people spend some time gearing up and then raid with none of the hassle of leveling up a toon.

For the person who said Blizz is cracking down….there are HUNDREDS of private servers with a huge, well developed community. Obviously Blizz is doing nothing of the sort.

Donald asks…

How do i connect to a world of warcraft private server on a mac?

I cant seem to figure out how! i cant find my file!!! someone please help since wotlk came out i havent been able to connect!

BTW: the private server im trying to connect to is Evolution WoW, if that helps! Thanks!

dknol answers:

I wouldn't try to get on a private server if I were you. Doing so is illegal and could cause you to get banned on your normal account.

Paul asks…

Im playing on a private World of Warcraft server right now, but I want to go back to a normal blizzard server?

I remember changing something but I cant quite put my finger on it… And the private servers are way underpopulated, if you were wondering why I wanted to go back.

dknol answers:

You change the file that's located the the world of warcraft folder, data folder. Open it up with notepad and change it to either:
set realmlist
set patchlist
set portal us
(if in us)
or (if in europe)
set realmlist
set patchlist
set portal eu

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