Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Private Server

Betty asks…

How do I make a World of Warcraft Private Server? (Or any good servers?)?

How do I make a World of Warcraft Private server? Or do you know any good ones. Really good ones, where you can have a Blizz like Realm? I was Wotlk on one computer, and BC on the other…

dknol answers:

Go to and download a repack and follow the instructions in the readme in the forums on that site should be a guide to connect i forget it or i would have a link but you will have a private server that you alone can go on but to have it open to public its abit more comlicated you would have to go about setting up your router/modem but at the moment they have yet to get a repack for 3.0.9 so you and me will have to wait lol

Steven asks…

how do i get on a private world of warcraft server?

i want to get on a w.o.w private server can some one help me out.
and how much will it cost or is it fee.

dknol answers:

The best private server for W.O.W would be it is completely free to use and only runs off of donations
they have a connection guide, but if you can't understand that then look it up on you tube.

Robert asks…

What the best world of Warcraft private server for a new player?

Im just getting into wow, and i want to play on private servers because i think wow is ridiculously overpriced. Can anyone recommend a good private server for a noob like me?

dknol answers:

No, Blizzard is very active in tearing down private servers. Not many people want to face the legal issues involved.

Paul asks…

Looking for a Regular World of Warcraft Private Server?

Looking for a World of Warcraft server that is Blizz-like, normal, level up, normal quests normal everything! It wouldn't be bad to have at least 1000 people in there too, but I won't be mad if the server is almost “abandoned”. Anyone…????????

dknol answers:

If you want to be the best in World of Warcraft, you need to check this out.

Thomas asks…

Where can i find a world of warcraft private server that you do not have to download.?

I want to know where you can find a world of warcraft private server that you can just type in realmlist then the realm. I found one like that, But i think he is shutting down ;(

dknol answers:

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