Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Private Server

Charles asks…

Is there a World of Warcraft private server out there that doesnt require voting?

Is there a wow private server that doesnt require all the voting crap? Like a server that just lets you hop on with lvl 80 choose any pvp or tier gear and have endless gold. I just want to pvp on one and all the ones i go to are so annoying b/c of voting

dknol answers:

A lot of people don't realize that there are some amazing tools out there to help you build up your World of Warcraft account. It doesn't matter if you are looking to level up faster or if you are trying generate gold to buy new elite armor.

Sharon asks…

How to get on a World of Warcraft private server?

So i met these guys on vacation and they played w.o.w. fir free and they said theyre on a private server thats why its free but it was like normal w.o.w. but everyone on the server spoke polish so how do i get a server like that? do i download it off the internet or buy the cd or what?

dknol answers:

A private server is an unauthorized (and illegal) realm set that people play on. People who own private servers can alter the game world however they want, and have different realms for game worlds prior to expansions. What you would have to do is to find a site that hosts a private server, create an account there, then alter your own realm list and change it from the standard blizzard ones, to the private ones. Then log in with your site log in. Most private servers have a tutorial page.


Lizzie asks…

How do I create a World of warcraft Private Server?

Im wanting to create a WoW private server to have fun on and be my own GM if anyone knows how to let me know specificaly or a website not blacktemple, Worldofepix or dark.

dknol answers:

I dont think u can create a server

Robert asks…

what is the best world of warcraft private server ?

anyone knows good wow private server ? it must have many players, exactly like blizzard's servers and europe.
please dont tell me to buy it because i dont have money and dont have time.
stealing a car and playing a private server is a bit different, dont you think ?

and money is an excuse if your the monthly fee is almost like your monthly paycheck.

dknol answers:

Private servers are against Blizzards TOS. If you have an active account with WoW, you agree to this every time you logon after a patch. Your account can be banned for playing on a private server. You might want to weigh whether losing access to your characters is worth it.

Not having the money to buy it is not an excuse to do something against the rules. Are you going to steal a car too?

Sandra asks…

i need a world of warcraft private server?

hi guys, i really need and world of warcraft private server for the new game, wrath of the lich king. HOWEVER, i want to start from level one, and no bonus, so as much like the original thing as possible, many thanks


dknol answers:

Buy the retail game the real 1 private sux poo

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