Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Private Server

Michael asks…

How do I add a World of Warcraft Private Server?

Evolution WoW Private Server is not connected and i don't know how to fix it.

dknol answers:

Call the customer service for help,but I recommend you use a better server to play the game.

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Joseph asks…

World of warcraft private server question?

I currently have world of warcraft burning cursade running. If i wat to play a priave server i have read all i have to do is go to the .wtf folder delete everything and put in realm server. i have also read that you have to download all this stuff and reinstall wow. which of these two is true? also if i chance the folder with the server adress could i chnage bak to regular wow or have to reinstall?

dknol answers:

You just need the same version of the game the private server is hosting. This may require a reinstall unless you already have an older version of the game. Your realmlist file is the only one you need to update to use a priv server.

George asks…

Is there any way To play a World of Warcraft Private server, if you do not have WOW installed?

Can anyone answer my question?
And if you can, what is the name of the private server?

dknol answers:

Yeah you need to have a real copy of the game to be able to play on a private server. With a private server all you are doing different is connecting to a server that is not blizzards. You still need the game and everything in it but you just have to have the IP information to connect to a private server.

If you are really desperate to download a free copy of WoW you could get Azureus and go to and download a copy of WoW. If you do it this way you might get a virus or bad file but that is only if you are really desperate.

Chris asks…

How to create a World of Warcraft Private Server?

I've been wanting to make a Private Server for awhile. and i just cannot find anyone/thing to tell me how to make one. i acutally tryed MaNGOS but im stuck on that too. please help.

dknol answers:

Well i made a private server and believe me it is rediculously confusing. Go to it is an excellent resource with guides and everything for creating your own server and for an easy server creation try out the shadowhunters repack which is pretty much just a click and go thing but the only drawback is that it doesnt have all of the updates but its a good practice to start off with. Good luck.

Thomas asks…

Can A world of warcraft private server crash a computer?

My friend said if i make a private server my computer will crash no matter what i do is this true?

dknol answers:

Just so you're aware both options I list are against Blizzard's ToS for World of Warcraft. Of course, I've broken them myself so here we go:

– If you are looking to play on a private server someone else is running, by all means! Download the client and have at it! WoWscape and WoWgasm are two I've played and both were pretty good.

– If you are looking to make your own private server and load it onto a computer you own, I'd recommend having a router in place and hooking up a second computer to your internet connection via said router. Having that server running on your main computer would bog it down to all heck. Keep in mind your connection will still be slow because your server will be taking up most of the bandwidth, but at least your computer will be safe to run other programs.

Happy Hacking!

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