Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Movie

Helen asks…

Are they gonna make a world of Warcraft movie?

dknol answers:

Apparently they will. It's still very much in the dark though, and not many people have a good idea what the film is about etc.
I'll post the link in the source, check it out.

Donald asks…


dknol answers:

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Lisa asks…

Will there be a World Of Warcraft Movie?

While surfing I found that rumors say that there will be a World of Warcraft(c) Movie released on 2009 or later. I am a WOW player and I would really love to know anything you may know about it! World of Warcraft Movie is the only thing I am waiting for ! So It would be awesome if there would be one! Please give me some info. I googled “will there be a Wow Movie?” and i found a site called but it appears to be from a wow fan… Please help me I am addicted ^^ will there be a WoW movie?

dknol answers:

There is indeed a live action movie set in the World of Warcraft being made.

The last information I heard had the story set about a year before the time World of Warcraft takes place in. The story was to be told through an alliance person. Legendary Pictures is doing it (Batman Begins, 300, etc).

While it was slated to be released in 2009, I believe it wont be until 2010. In a recent update it was reported that neither a director or screen writer had been signed yet. The various strikes and other union activities have probably contributed to the delay.

Paul asks…

Sam Raimi directing World of Warcraft movie.?

this really pisses me off that they are seriously making a movie out of this.
YES it is official, if you read the article it said that he has already signed a contract, and it will start casting, ect. after spider-man 4.

dknol answers:

It's not official yet.

Here is his resume and as you can see, WoW is not listed.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – Producer 2012
Spider-Man 5 – Director 2012
The Familiars – Producer 2012
The Shadow – Producer 2012
Spider-Man 4 – Executive Producer, Director 2011
Anguish – Executive Producer, Producer 2011
ArchEnemies – Producer 2011
Evil Dead IV – Producer, Writer 2011
Just Another Love Story – Producer 2011
No Man's Land – Director 2011
Sleeper – Producer 2011
The Substitute – Producer 2011
The Transplants – Producer 2011
Untitled Sam Raimi Project – Producer, Director (rumored) 2011
Dibbuk Box – Producer 2010
Monkey's Paw – Producer 2010
Monster Zoo – Producer 2010
The Dorm – Producer 2010
The Evil Dead – Producer, Writer, Director 2010
The Given Day – Producer, Director 2010
The Wee Free Men – Producer, Director 2010
Burst – Producer 2009
Jack the Giant Killer – Producer 2009
Siren – Producer 2009

Sandra asks…

Is there a World of warcraft MOvie?

dknol answers:

With all those trailers and CGI there should be.

But, it isn't :((

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