Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Movie

Betty asks…

where can i watch world of warcraft movie?

where can i watch this..pls gimme a link.. ty.. much appreciate…

dknol answers:

The only “movies” of world of warcraft are actually not even for world of warcraft, the closest are the cut scenes from the Warcraft RPG games which are actually pretty entertaining but hardly tell the story of world of warcraft. You can find most of these on youtube, they are a tad hard to find the real cutscenes but they are there, just look for actually rendered movies, not ingame graphic stuff.

There is a Hollywood film in the works at this very moment for a Warcraft movie. Its going to be directed by none other than Sam Raimi. You know, Spider-Man, Drag me to Hell, The Evil Dead?
Needless to say it should be a competent attempt at a good movie. But as with every movie made about a video game, comic book, animated series, etc. It's very hard to please the ones that are REALLY into the story and know it well.

But he did a pretty good job with Spider-Man so fingers crossed.

Charles asks…

the up coming world of warcraft movie 2008?

i'm sure you guys know the world of warcraft game?

ye..blizzard gonna make this game into a movie next year…

whatya think?who's gonna play there?i want brad pitt to play there

dknol answers:

I hope not, I really like Warcraft, but no movie.

Helen asks…

dose anyone know when the world of warcraft movie is coming out?

dknol answers:


Joseph asks…

Does anyone know about the world of warcraft movie coming out if there is?

Well I know because in one of blizzards Interviews they said World of warcraft officially started a movie releasing next year or so And Does anyone know of a leaked preview ?

dknol answers:

Really??? I had no idea! Hahaha! :) It may be true, but then again it may not be.
Try this! Http://

Sharon asks…

World of Warcraft Movie?

Hey, I'm looking for a world of warcraft movie, which is about real life.
In it, we see this “rogue” at a party, and he sees this hot girl, whom he claims to be a blood elf paladin. and he tries to talk to her, and then her boyfriend comes along, and him and the rogue fight.. and then the rogue ends up in rehabilitation for wow gamers.. and when he gets out, he gets addicted to Halo 3 instead..

anyone knows the name of that movie, or have a link to it? :)
would appreciate it

dknol answers:

No but there is a charming story to it. There might be a cartoon or something considering theres a card game and theres already a movie clip wen you are on the login screen!

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