Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Movie

Sandra asks…

When is the World of Warcraft movie coming out?

When is it actually being released (if at all)? I know they said they were aiming for a 2009 release.. and they had certain characters set and such, but does anyone know when it is actually scheduled to be released?

dknol answers:


Susan asks…

Would a World of Warcraft movie just be another mimic of LOTR? Why do fans want to see this turned into a?

movie? It would be boring.

dknol answers:

I personally doubt it will be boring. They are working with Legendary Pictures (Batman Begins, 300, etc) who doesnt seem capable of making a bad movie. They also have announced that it will not be another LOTR quest type movie.

Unfortuantely, it seems as though most movies made from games have indeed been quite bad/boring. We will just have to wait and see how this one turns out.

Chris asks…

Is there a World of Warcraft movie being made?

dknol answers:

There have been rumors and a confirmed answer on the subject that it is in the works and will not be released for some time though. It is going to be on the Alliance perspective and will be around 2 1/2 hours in length.

Betty asks…

World of Warcraft movie?

I heard a while back that there's going to be a world of warcraft movie. Are they still trying to make one? If they are, is there a suspected release date?

dknol answers:

Yes, I believe Blizzard is working on a movie for WoW and I believe the release date is supposed to be late 2013.

John asks…

World of warcraft movie?

Are they still making the world of warcraft movie. If so any idea if they started on it yet and what year it might be released?

dknol answers:

In the Game Informer magazine, they stated that it is planned to be filmed. Strangely, though, instead of writing a script first, they chose a director. No script yet, but I believe either dreamworks or what's-his-name that produces the CSI TV series. Rumor is it will be out around 2013-14.

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