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William asks…

Any idea how to get some World of Warcraft sound effects?

I'm helping a friend make a machinima movie and he needs World of Warcraft sound effects like battle sounds and buffing, etc. Any ideas? Or maybe a good way to get them from the game?

dknol answers:

WinMPQ. Could you link your machinima movie when your done?

Linda asks…

Which world of Warcraft class should I be?

I am trying to decide from shaman or priest, which one heals better? Plus idk if to be horde or ally. I like ally cuz bliss loves em and a bunch of Warcraft movies were based after em but some reason is compelling me to horde.

dknol answers:

Druid is also a good healing class. Think of druid too and all the HOTS.

The sounds the shaman make rock and the animation rocks. You can also reincarnate every 20 minutes or 30 minutes or whatever that is. You can cleanse diseases, poisons, curses and magic… More than what priest can do. Shaman might heal main tank in a raid and melee dps but priests can do more.

However, Priests have that awesome bubble and can mitigate damage as well as heal. You can do Holy and raid heal or Disc and tank heal.

Healing is very tough at the moment.

As for what race/faction to roll, you just need to try them all. DO NOT choose one without trying others first. I do not like the casting animation of the Gnomes and Humans, but I LOVE the casting animation of the Orcs and Draenei. Females. I cannot stand Draenei males though. LOL.

In addition to the race, the faction does matter. The horde is more bad ass, down and dirty, but the alliance like the finer things like wine, cheese, and dwarven kegs of beer. They're both great. I have toons on both my highest horde is an 81 druid healer and my highest ally is an 81 dwarf warrior.

Helen asks…

How do you wean a friend off of World of Warcraft?

The girlfriend of my roomate has made World of Warcraft her life!! She doesn't have internet at her house, so her computer is over here. I burnt out on the game, and my roomate plays it whenever she does. We try to start drinking, play board games, watch movies, but whenever we ask her to get off, she snarls and yells and acts pissy until she finds a reason to quit and get back on the computer. Tonight, she stood me up when we were supposed to go to King Kong, sitting right in front of me, didn't say a word. She doesn't want to dissapoint her new ‘online' friends, little does she know she's losing her. We confront her all the time to no avail. This is getting EXTREME! What should we do?

dknol answers:

Its easy to become frustrated with WOW addictions. Alison Motluk wrote an article for New Scientist that showed how Gamer's brains show startling characteristics of a drug addicts. It takes “WOW addiction” to a new level, and I'm not being funny.

These types of compulsions would very likely manifest themselves in other ways if Warcraft wasn't a part of her life. Excessive eating, drinking, sleeping, all of these issues can be related to gaming addictions. Games serve as a sort of “constructive release” for people, getting caught up in something as huge and social as World of Warcraft makes regular life duller than the virtual world. People can get more stimulation from the game than real life.

I'm very dismayed to hear about your friend. My advice is not to take it personally, “online friends” require so much less investment than real friends. If it is as bad as you say, your friend may have some serious issues to deal with, and WOW is just deferring those issues. I honestly doubt that once disconnected she would ever consider blowing off the people that know and love her over people she's never met online.

So to answer the question…. Its not easy. Taking a tough hand, or gentle approach could both be hard, and difficult on you and her friends. If she is literally addicted, she will have a hard time unhooking, and will likely require much support and love. Engaging her at every turn, and getting her involved in some ways that stimulate her could help. Seeing there is more than Orcs, Paladins, Warlocks, and Shamans will crack her defenses.

I wish you the best, and hope your friend finds some peace.

Daniel asks…

How do you record World of Warcraft while you play?

I want to know how to record World of Warcraft while you play it.
If there is any prgrams or anything please list them.

dknol answers:

What you really want to find is a program similar to camtasia, which records what ever is on your screen.

Camtasia costs a lot of money, but luckily there is a free program out there which does a good job called Jing.

It records for somthing like 5 mins worth of your desktop. If thats not enough then you can record your screen in 5 min sections and then splice together using Microsoft movie maker which comes with windows. You can find Jing at

Mark asks…

What was the name of that old fan made WoW movie?

I remember this old fan-made WoW movie (World of Warcraft). It had something to do with undead attacking people and they called paladins…I can't remember much of it but this is really bothering me. It had real voices dubbing it and main guy met 2 trolls….I don't know. Can anyone tell me the name of it?

dknol answers:

It might be The Tales of the Past you're thinking of, if not, then I'm sorry. If you haven't seen Tale of the Past, though I highly suggest you do. It is about 1hr long, and it is very epic.

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