Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Movie

Robert asks…

world of warcraft movie?

will there be a wow movie and i so will it be focusing on the lich king storey or not also the release date and will it follow the horde or the alliance or both also will it be awesome?!

dknol answers:

Yes there is a movie being made, they are currently writing the scripts, so i guess its way off. Maybe 2012 release?

Its set a few years before WoW started and is from an alliance perspective, the guy who did saving private ryan is involved and i'm pretty sure its a kind of war film/epic type movie.

Do not expect a lord of the rings copy.

Ruth asks…

World Of Warcraft Movie?

Will Players Like the Movie version Or do you think It will blow like most Game to Movie projects?

dknol answers:

There is no way to adapt that game to film in a way that will satisfy fans. The appeal of “WOW” doesn't really translate to movies, so I think most fans will simply be disappointed.

Nancy asks…

is there ever gonna be a world of warcraft movie???

dknol answers:

I dunno. It might be cool if they did make one! My hubby and I are warcraft players.

Susan asks…

What software are people using to make World of Warcraft movies?

I have tried downloading WOW model viewer but when i open it and try open a character or an item it quits. Any help on either problems would be appreciated.

dknol answers:

Fraps/Gamecam to record the gameplay. Windows Movie Maker/Sony Vegas to edit the clips into a movie

Charles asks…

Good camera to use for World of Warcraft movies?

What is a good camera to use for making a WoW(World of wacraft) video? Give me to link or the name.

dknol answers:

As the others have said
is the way to go. Good Luck and Good Gaming

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