Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Movie

Mary asks…

World of Warcraft Movie: Is it really happening?

As above, are they really making a WoW movie and what will you think it will be like?

I hope it wont be a flop and have some decent story to it.
Wow on the dude who posted go rape a donkey, i havent played the game in like 1-2 yrs now, and im no nerd but i would like to watch a movie about games ive played before.

dknol answers:

Well it wont be a flop because every cinamatic warcraft has produced has been amazing. The story is amazing the game is amazing, its just awsome.

It was postponed till next year now becase they want to make sure that it wont flop by putting alot of effort into it. The story will be more on the Alliance side and will have Arthus in it.

Little is know about the script as Blizzard are keeping it secret so far. They said if any employee leaks anything they will die a most horrible death (this is true in a joking way).

Donna asks…

is there a world of warcraft movie comeing out?

dknol answers:

It has been rumored that they are working on one. I do not know the stage of production on it or weather it will be live action or like the opening cinamatics

Helen asks…

How to get action bar to go anywhere in world of warcraft?

You know in all the youtube world of warcraft movies how it shows a whole bunch of actions above the action bar and on the sides of screen and stuff? How do you do that or what is the AddOn?

dknol answers:

Yep, Bartender4 is the way to go. Very easy to install if you download the curse client. Just boot up Curse, search for bartender and tell it to install. You need to turn it on through the addons menu at the character selection screen. To access the menu in-game, simply type /bartender into the chat window. Everything is pretty intuitive from there. You will see various bars listed that you can select. From there you can enable, size, and configure them. You can even set them to only appear in or out of combat. For instance, you can set it so you have a bar for things like food and mounts that cannot be used in combat and configure it to disappear when you enter combat and reappear when you leave combat. This keeps your screen free of clutter when you are trying to focus on a fight. To drag the bars around uncheck the option that says “lock” at the top left corner of the menu screen. :) Happy configurations, it's a very fun addon! Oh and when you boot it up, it has the “Blizzard art bar” enabled. This is the bar that puts the silver gryphons at either side of your main action bar. If you don't like the clutter this art creates, just select Blizzard art bar from the menu on the left side of the window and uncheck the enable option.

Ken asks…

The World of Warcraft Movie?

This is more of a poll…should the movie be Live Action (with actors) or should it be CGI like the intro videos….but if it was CGI with would prolly take a lot longer to make….

dknol answers:

It will probally be like the intros.. I mean Blizz has the money, seriously, 15 dollars a month from 10million people.. They can afford anything.

Ruth asks…

World of Warcraft movie? A Good idea or Bad?

Or we Simply don't have the right technology to pull it off right now.

dknol answers:

World of Warcraft” movie I would have to say no. A “Warcraft” movie based on the history of the saga, it could happen with the right directors, writers, etc. Give it that Lords of the Rings feel to it and yeah it could work. It would cost big money though and yeah, Blizzard would make money off of it. We got the technology, it's just the money.

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