Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Mounts

Thomas asks…

World Of Warcraft Mounts…

New to WoW and just wanted to clear a few things up about Mounts :).

What level do you have to be to have one?
How much do they cost?
Where can you get them from?
Can you only ride certain ones depending on your Race/Class (I am Human Rouge)?

Thanks in advance people :)

EU – Wildhammer, Xinu.
Also where would I get the training?


dknol answers:

What level do you have to be to have one?
Level 30

How much do they cost?
35g for training, 9-10g for mount

Where can you get them from?
Human:Eastvale Logging Camp (or something like that), the place right before redridge

Can you only ride certain ones depending on your Race/Class?
Yes and no. Each race has its own mount. Humans have horses, night elves have sabers, gnomes have mechano striders, dwarves have rams and dreanei have eleeks. You can get a mount of another race if you have a high enough rep (exalted). But i doubt you have a high enough rep at 30 for another race. Humans can ride every mount but the mechano strider

David asks…

Where is can buy mounts in World of Warcraft?

Please explain me…. where to buy, how to use, how to train, etc..
But i've reached level 20, i just need to know how to buy it… and where…
i am a human warlock level 20…

dknol answers:

Since you are a Human, you can ask the non player characters where to get them, but I think it's at the lumberyard. Also, since you are a Warlock, I believe they get a free mount by way of a quest at level 20. Go check with the warlock trainer, or even go to and do some research on your class.

Mandy asks…

On world of warcraft is there different mounts for different races and classes?

Because i would like to know what the mounts are basically could you tell me the mounts and levels thank you

dknol answers:

You can get your first mount at level 40. I'm not sure of the specifics but some races can get different mounts. If you are near a mount trainer mouse over the mount and it will tell you what races can use that particular mount.
Warlocks and Paladins quest for thier mounts.
At level 60 tou can pay for more mount training and get a faster mount same as above some races can use different mounts.
At level 70 you can get a flying mount that can only be used once you go through the dark portal. If you are a Druid you get flight form at level 68.
Hope this helps

Michael asks…

World of Warcraft Mounts Question. Please Help?

Can night elves ride Elekks? or are they limited to Nightsabers? im a night elf warrior. if they cant ride Elekks what all can they ride? thanks

dknol answers:

They can ride any mount if they get exalted reputation with the relevant faction. So if you want an Elekk, you would need to be exalted with Exodar. You gain reputation by doing quests for NPCs that have that faction under their name.

Daniel asks…

Level 20 mounts in World of Warcraft III?

I am a level 15 human frost mage.
hmm…How can I get a mount.
I hate walking…cost too much time.

dknol answers:

You have to level to level 20 in order to get the skill to ride….

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