Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Mounts

Mark asks…

World Of Warcraft mounts?

I'm a night elf, and I know all about how to get mounts, how much it costs blah blah…I know u can ride mounts from other races if u get rep, but can a night elf ride a drainei ellek? please answer

dknol answers:

If you get exalted with the Exodar you can ride an Ellek.

If you get exalted with Stormwind you can ride a horse.

If you get exalted with Ironforge you can ride a ram.

The only thing that you can't get is a mechanical chicken (the gnome mount) from being exalted with Gnomeregan Exiles.

My Night Elf Druid has all of the other faction's mounts so I know you can use them.

James asks…

World of Warcraft mounts?

I finally am able to get my mount on WoW, but I don't know what to get. I'm a Human Mage… do all human characters have to get a horse, or can we get mounts from different races? I really want a saber cat, is that possible?

dknol answers:

At the time you can first get mounts, you likely will only be able to get your race's mount. In order to get a mount from another race, you have to be Exalted with that race, with requires farming reputation with that race through quests, and few quests that give reputation are repeatable before level 60 areas.

*Note that Dwarf and Gnome mounts are too small to be ridden by races other than Dwarf and Gnome.

Lizzie asks…

World of warcraft mounts?

Can anyone tell me what mounts human warriors can get, where you get them and how much they cost thanks :D
I also heard from my friends that humans can get sabre cats the mounts that night elfs can get is this true?

dknol answers:

At level 30 you can get the 60% mount at the Eastvale logging camp and they cost roughly 35-40 gold for the mount and training. You can get the 100% mount at level 60 for about 100 gold at the same place. You can get the flying mounts at Shadowmoon Valley at level 70 and they cost about 900 gold. The 60% and 100% are horses and the flying mount is a gryphon.

Richard asks…

World of Warcraft Mounts?

Is there one of those cool mounts i can get at level 82

dknol answers:

By cool mounts im not sure what you mean?

At level 82 it is possible to get the best looking flying mounts possible( these are from WOTLK) so the proto drakes are easy to get with a group from Uldar. Also the ICC mount for doing the achievements is possible at 82( people had it at 80) its if you can find a group to do the raid with. You could also try farming some rare drops.

Betty asks…

Flying mounts in world of warcraft?

Im a level 60 human rogue and need to know where to get my flying mount from and also where to train for it. If you could give me directions on how to get there 2, that would be great.
Also need to know where I can use my flying mount once I buy, as havent got catalysm expansion and have been told if u dont have it you only fly over horde areas. Is this right?

dknol answers:

Flying mounts in Azeroth (thought you had to be 70+ for them but they coulda changed, are found at vendors in SW near the gryphon master. Also can be found in notherend/Outlands at various outpost/towns.

You cannot fly in Azeroth if you don't have the cataclysm expansion, so that's your first step. After that when you are the correct level (and they may have lowered it to 60) you goto SW and can buy a flying gryphon/train there.

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