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David asks…

World of Warcraft epic flying mounts and reputation?

I'm honored with Thrallmar which lowers the cost of my epic flying skill to 4250g instead of 5000g and my mount itself costs 90g down from the 100g. What would the price be if I was revered with Thrallmar? Or what about exalted?

dknol answers:

Looks like it drops 250g each rep bracket.

Linda asks…

World of Warcraft: Mounts questions?

1. Can i buy mounts from another race say im a dwarf can i buy a night elf mount when my rep with them is friendly? or must it be honored?

2. what reputation must i have t by other races mounts? friendly, honored, reviered???

dknol answers:

Hi jacob,

I am a 5 year wow player and know the answer to your question

YES, you can get other race mounts. But you must be EXALTED with the faction you wish to get a mount from. Not honored but EXALTED. With the newer patches you can buy other races tabards to easily get reputation with them by running instances, so you will have your mount in no time!



Mark asks…

World of Warcraft Mounts Question?

right now im a blood elf hunter and i want a wolf as a mount could i mail the gold to a other orc character, buy it then mail the mount to my blood elf?

dknol answers:

No, mounts are bind on pickup. If your orc character buys it, only your orc character can use it. For your blood elf to buy a wolf, he has to have an exalted reputation with Orgrimmar. Or, at level 60, you can get either the Frostwolf Howler with marks from Alterac Valley or the red battle wolf with marks from all the battlegrounds.

Helen asks…

World of Warcraft – Bear Mounts & Other Mounts?

Ok I got some questions

Where are people finding these Bear Mounts in World of Warcraft — I heard its from a chest or somthing in an instance – but what chest drop is an epic mount? Explain this to me please.

Secondly – How are alliance players going around with Raptor mounts – I have even seen an alliance player on the Blood Elf bird mount – why are they getting these Horde Mounts?

I heard they are from this World of Warcraft cardgame, and others say the horde mounts are also from the chests in the instances.

Wether they are from the card game or not, what is the card game?

What is the Card game? How do I play? And what do I get if I win?

Please try to answer everything from bear to cards… THANKS!

1. Bear Mount- Where they from
2. Horde Mounts– Where they from (Cards or Chest)
3. Card Game- How to play, how to win, what are the prizes.

dknol answers:

1. It's a raid instance drop. Once again, can't remember where. It's a war bear mount.
2. Bird mounts can drop for Ally players in Sethekk halls. No idea why you've seen allys on raptors..
3. Card game, not sure.

Lisa asks…

World of Warcraft flying mounts in low level?

Im just wondering if you can fly with the flying mounts from the Blizzard store (like the Celestial Steed) in a low level, im 33 on my warrior now so will I be able to fly with them? And if not, do I have to get to level 60 to fly?

dknol answers:

You can buy the mounts but they wont allow you to fly with them until you get the appropriate license.
If you're ever on spinebreaker give Lemuria a shout ;)

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