Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Mounts

Ruth asks…

In World of Warcraft what mounts are easiest to Obtain?

And how do you get them?

dknol answers:

Step by step process
Step 1: Reach level 20
Step 2: I think you get a letter telling you that you can learn A mount but, I'm not sure. If not skip this step.
Step 3: Find local mount trainer list of trainers can be found here
Step 4: Pay for the riding skill and mount
Step 5:Enjoy your mount
Or If your a Pally or Warlock
Step 1: Learn spell from class trainer
Step 2: Enjoy mount
Or if your a death Knight
Step 1: Do quest
Step 2: Receive mount as reward for completion
Step 3:Enjoy mount

Richard asks…

world of warcraft mounts?

Hi. I'm looking for a list of packs (from the trading card game) which contain the codes for mounts in the world of warcraft game.

I only need the list of them that actually contain the codes!


dknol answers:

Just buy the blue eye's white dragon, best pokemon i heard.

George asks…

Multi seat mounts in World of Warcraft?

Can I please have a list of all or almost all the multi seat mounts, and which one is easiest to get in you opinion?
Multi seat mounts are mounts with more than one seat so that other people can ride them.

dknol answers:

3 seater Mammoth – 10k with Sons of Hodir Rep maxed
2 seater Mechano-Hog (motorbike and sidecar) – Pretty easy if you known an engineer and have about 20k

2 seater Rocket – Recruit a Friend. Find someone you know who wants to start playing the game. Have to wait almost three months though, because they have to pay for two months of game time, after their free trial has expired.
Vial of Sands (turns you into a dragon, and someone can ride on your back) – New Alchemy Recipe – Going for about 200k on my server at the moment

Depends what you find easiest. I find making money easier than grinding reputation, so I'd say easiest was Mechano-Hog, then Mammoth, then Vial of Sands, then the rocket.

Oh! There's also a two-seater camel mount, but it's apparantly a very, very, very rare drop, at level 84 minimum, in Uldum. You have to find a camel statue or something, then fight a boss = There's not much information on it at the moment, because its so rare. It's called the Grey Riding Camel.

Charles asks…

where can i buy mounts for world of warcraft?

i am a level 80 undead death knight :)but i cant find a place to buy one :( i want a dragon so i can fly:) but do i need to go to a flying master first or can i fly without the master? thanks in advanced!
and no i didnt buy my Wow character i was just trying to save up my points so i could choose any mount kthnxbi

dknol answers:

…someone bought their wow character.

Sandra asks…

World of Warcraft mounts questions?

What mounts can trolls use besides raptors and wolves?

dknol answers:

The racial restrictions on mounts was lifted in patch 3.0.8. So trolls can ride the skeletal horses, the hawkstriders, the kodos, wolves and raptors. Assuming you have exalted reputation with the faction that sells those mounts. In other words, if you want to purchase a skeletal warhorse, you just have to become exalted with the Undercity.

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