Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Mounts

Donald asks…

What is the Gold in World Of Warcraft used for?

People are selling gold for World Of Warcraft, what kinds of things can be used in WoW to buy with the gold?

dknol answers:

You can buy alot of stuff in wow with gold like : Mounts, Weapons, Armor, food, drinks, Potions, Materials for your professions, etc… 1 gold in wow is 100 silver or 1 thousand bronze's. As a low level the monsters you kill drops about 24 bronzes.. As you level up and kill higher levels and do high lvl quests you will earn more money that you can ever think. At level 80 you can make about 19 gold from 1 daily and at level one you only make about 50 bronze.
And here is what sucks… Buying gold from websites is ILLEGAL in wow. My friend bought 7k gold from a website then after 4 days his account got banned. WARNING THOUGH some websites may hack you account and you wont even be able to get your money back.. There goes your time that you wasted…. And i know that you can retrieve your account back from World of warcraft support website or calling them but if the guy hacked your account im preety sure he would sell all ur armor from all ur characters then send all the gold you have to his acc and delete your characters… So yea i know this answer is a little long but im just trying to let you know.

Lisa asks…

What are the best ways to Farm Gold on World of Warcraft at Level 85?

On World of Warcraft I'm obviously using my Lvl 85 Warrior. However I want to make better gold. So what are the better ways of mining at this level?

dknol answers:

Gathering skills. Period.

Seriously, get two gathering skills. If you have two that use the minimap to detect the spawn nodes, there's an easy macro you can write to toggle between the two skills at the push of a button.

Then there are addons that plot all known nodes of (ore, herbs, etc.).

Then there are addons that can plot the shortest route between all nodes. Flying mount + routes = win!

Lizzie asks…

Will anyone let me send them a World of Warcraft friend request so I can get the mount?

If you are going to buy world of warcraft please give me your e-mail so I can send you a request. You will get 10 day free trial and then you also get bonus exp and friend-to-friend summoning. Thanks.

dknol answers:

As a FYI, only the person sending the invitation gets the mount. The person getting the invite does NOT get one.

Chris asks…

Is there a quicker way to level up in World of Warcraft?

I just started playing world of warcraft, and I was just wondering if there might be a quicker way to level up my character. Im not looking for a cheat, it just seems like it takes a lot longer to level up than I am used to.

dknol answers:

Ha damn bro i had the same problem when i barely started playing a while back… The quickest way to lvl up is to just stick to questing and download an addon called questhelper from

also download atlas and atlasloot so u can check the instances and check if they drop gear that u want so u wont have to waste ur time to get gear that u wont even need…

But like i said, get quest helper and just keep doing quests the whole time and only do an instance if u have the quests for that instance and if u really need gear…

Also, dont worry about ur professions that much… And if u barely started, get two gethering professions like mining and skinning so u can sell the ore and leather in AH for gold which you'll rly need in the game since everything is over priced lol.. Only start caring for ur professions when u are lvl 60+ and u have ur epic mount

thats what i did and i hit lvl 70 in a month… Which is actually a LONG time compared to some of the people i know playing WOW all day, and reached it in like 3 weeks lol

David asks…

Whats the coolest mount to get in world of warcraft?

Whats the coolest mount to get in world of warcraft?
im not quite sure what to get, to be honest, im not really sure what there is. if anyone has a good idea or has seen a really good one then please let me know. i dont mind how much it is. flying mount or not, preferably not :) thankkks!

dknol answers:

Phoenix is the best mount for graphic and one of the fastest at 320% air, dont know about land

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