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Sandy asks…

World of Warcraft Mounts Question? Easy Question?

hi, im a lvl 60 Orc Warrior, and i have my Epic Worg, wolf thing, but i want to get a raptor. what city do i have to get exalted with to get a raptor?


dknol answers:

Trolls (Darkspear Trolls).

However, you can get the black war raptor with 30 WSG, AB, and AV tokens each; it's a PVP reward. So if you're okay with that color, try that. Otherwise, buy a bunch of cloth and do turn-ins until you're exalted.

Sharon asks…

World of Warcraft question about mounts?

I'm a human warlock at level 20 and want to get a tiger mount (or what ever those big cats are). I've traveled to darnesses and I'm trying to buy one but the man told me to get permission from darnasses. I don't know what that means.

What do I have to do.

dknol answers:

You need to be exalted in repution with the race that you want to buy the mount from. You do not need to have reputation if you're a member of that race. Night Elves = Darnassus, Humans = Stormwind etc.

Chris asks…

How to get turtle mount, world of warcraft PLEASE HELP?

I've seen pics of people riding turtle/tortoise mounts on wow, I've herd speculation that there is some kind of card you buy off e-bay but i really don't want to spend actual money. I would prefer just to know how to get it, is there a place to get it? a special quest? where, when, how,… how much can i get it for? please help me 10 points 2 best answer

dknol answers:

By Fishing.. You need the skill (it have to be about 400), in Northrend there are some spots you can find it, the more common is in “Borean Tundra” near any school of fish in any lake, there isn't an exact place, be cause its a random drop (even if you hear someone that tells you that you can find it in X place 'cause he have it there,doesn't mean that you will too).

Nevertheless this is what you need for sure.

Skill 400+ in Fishing

The best map (or where it has drop the most) is Borean Tundra near any school of fish (you'll have more chance to get one near a School than in open sea), you also could find it in any other map in Northrend.

Good Luck.

Lizzie asks…

Level 20 mounts in World of Warcraft?

I am a level 20 troll. Where do I buy a mount?

dknol answers:

From memory you get them from sen'jin village far south of Durator

Nancy asks…

what are some rare things that drop expensive mounts, companions, etc. on World of Warcraft?

What are some rare things that drop expensive mounts, companions, etc. on World of Warcraft, and where are they?

dknol answers:

Lots of different bosses and some rare spawns drop mounts but they are BoP.The Bogflare Needlers in Zangarmarsh do drop a pretty rare BwE pet called Captured Firefly that does sell for a lot on the AH.

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