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Mandy asks…

How rare are these World of Warcraft mounts?

The Swift Brewfest Ram, the Swift Brewfest Kodo, the Black War Bear – Horde, Arctic Wolf? I played a LOT starting since Burning Crusade, then stopped 3 years ago. I can't wait to start playing again, because I was EXTREMELY good… I played so much that I got sent to boardign school lmao.

Anyways, that's neither here nor there. My point is that I had a bad ass collection of mounts back in the day (I have every single Horde faction's land mount possible) I was just wondering how rare these 4 are now. thanks!

Also, if you know a good Horde server for me to re roll on, that would be awesome!
sorry! not the Arctic Wolf, I mean the Frostwolf Howler

dknol answers:

You are in luck!!!

The Ram and the Kodo will be obtainable starting tomorrow for one week!

It is brewfest in game and these mounts drop off the holiday boss which you can que for via the dungeon finder.

The black bear you can purchase in Dalaran for a few hundred gold.

Good luck =D I hope this helped
The Frostwolf Howler is no longer obtainable making it extremely rare :(

James asks…

World of Warcraft Mounts Question. please help?

Can night elves ride Elekks? or are they limited to Nightsabers? im a night elf warrior. if they cant ride Elekks what all can they ride? thanks

dknol answers:

At level 40, the only mount you can get for your Night Elf is the Nightsaber– Unless you get Exalted reputation in the city with the mount you want. So, get Exalted with the Draenai, then you can get their Elekks.
At Lv.60, you can just get one of the PvP mounts, there's one from each race and anyone can ride any of them.

Linda asks…

Can mages ride mounts in World of Warcraft?

dknol answers:

All classes can ride mounts in WoW. Yu will get the ability to do so at level 20, and an Epic mount (faster) at level 40. Also a flying mount at 60, and an epic flying mount(faster) at level 70. You will recieve in game mail telling you where to go to get the riding skill when you hit these respective levels.

Carol asks…

What are some cool flying mounts to get on world of Warcraft?

Hello I am level 76 and I am horde.. I am looking for cool flying mounts (preferrably a proto drake) and right now I have a netherray netherwing flying machine and flying carpet… Thanks!!!

dknol answers:

You will not get proto drakes until you are at least 80, but some of the proto drakes include the green one from Oracle rep, blue from Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle, and the red one from all the Wrath of the Lich king heroic ahcievements.

Helen asks…

WORLD OF WARCRAFT: Mounts Question?

hi, what is the name of the city you have to be exalted with to get a raptor? the horde cities are like this:

Silvermoon City
……? whats the name of the one you have to be exalted with to get the raptor? thank you


dknol answers:

Darkspear Trolls, they share Orgrimmar with the Orcs, the Raptors are avalible at Sen'jin Village in the southern area of Durotar

Or an alternate way for a Raptor is to Collect 30 Warsong Gulch Tokens, 30 Arathi Basin Tokens and 30 Alterac Valley Tokens and you can buy a Black War Raptor with no Rep Requirement.

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