Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Free

Sandra asks…

Question about world of warcraft free server?

I currently have world of warcraft download onto my computer in the trial version and I want to use a free server. Is there anyway I can do this, and if I need to download the full version of the game, where can I do this online? Without paying…

dknol answers:

Private servers are illegal and they make their own rules which is why they suck

Donna asks…

How can I get free World of Warcraft time?

I dont want to buy wow prepaid gamecards nor go on a privat server. wat do i do??

dknol answers:

You can refer people to the game, if they upgrade their accounts, you'll get a free month. Past that, you'd have to find contests or websites that give away game cards. There used to be Warcraft fan sites that did that for well written articles, but I've never actually heard of anyone getting paid that way.

Mark asks…

What type of game would work for giving away World of Warcraft free items.?

I have decided to quit the game world of warcraft. I want to have a game only with my guild and the winner of this game will get all of my things. I have no clue what type of game would work. I was thinking of most exp percentage gained or most bg wins idk. HELP

dknol answers:

Have a halo 3 tournament…because that's a man's game

George asks…

Is it safe to download this Free world of warcraft guide?

it is made by this person named Thomas and its called Ultimate undercover secrets of a warcraft fanatic please don't say i should quit world of war craft

dknol answers:

It may be safe, but there are two things to be concerned about here.

1) Does it contain a virus? To make sure, run a virus scan on the immediately after download. Right click >> scan file for viruses

2) Is it approved / endorsed by Blizzard? Blizzard sees some “add ons” as hacks and will permanently ban you.

But yes, there are some amazing add ons out there. Many are not worth your hard earned cash, but a few are.

I use an in-game guide that is endorsed by Blizzard. It covers gold making, questing, power leveling and much more. Have a look.

Carol asks…

can world of warcraft free trial mess up my computer?

my dad thinks that the world of warcraft free trial will mess up his computer and i know it wont but he thinks im retarded or something. so please tell him that it wont mess up his computer!

dknol answers:

No unless your doing it wrong

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