Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Free

Jenny asks…

how do i undo the free world of warcraft server?

so, i decided to try out a free wow server (eternion) and i couldn't even get it to work and now i just want to go back to my regular wow but i dont know how! please help! thanks
if someone could please tell me how i can make this eternion server work that would be even better!!! thanks!
I tried changing the folder and stuff already but my computer will not let me save it.

dknol answers:

Ive played retail and private servers and eternion is a very crappy private server i suggest Mond or undamed or even Eternal but the easy way is to go to my computer then local disk then program files then World of Warcraft then go and repair then do reset and check files and wait a whie it will have to revert you back to a older version then u have to dl patches again then ur good to go (im on a ps right now bcuz im waiting for cata)

Sandra asks…

how long is the world of warcraft free trial?

how long is the world of warcraft free trial plz tell me because im getting it and i want to know?

dknol answers:

They call it a 10 day trial, thats all i know. When you buy the battle chest you get a free month.

Mary asks…

Is there a free world of warcraft bot for skinning and mining ?

I have a 37 mage and all i have is 1 gold so i need the money to get my mount and im bored to death trying to get skinning up to my level so i can farm a level and skin. and help i would appreciate. Thanks =)

dknol answers:

Don't be a wuss. You can mine copper and get around 1g per 20.

Nancy asks…

Where can i get free World of Warcraft Authentication codes for my Game?

I bought it, and now i'm too cheap to pay $40 every 60 days (plus i have no money, i live in my parents basement. Please help me

dknol answers:

You will have to buy the demo disk with the code, I seen it for sale for $9.99 or goto to ebay.

You cannot put a hack code in, Blizzard is way ahead of that, you need to have a code that has not been used. I know I've tried.

George asks…

Is The World Of Warcraft Free Trial Safe?

I know that having an account on The World Of Warcraft is safe, but is the free trial safe as well?

dknol answers:

It is ONLY if you get it from the World of warcraft website. Any other sites might contain malicious spyware, or other harmful programs. Have fun, and i hope to see you on WoW soon!

(choose the Deathwing realm, FOR THE HORDE!)

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