Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Free

Ken asks…

Anyway to get free World of Warcraft Gametime?

Except for the obvious RAF and stuff, but I mean anyway to actually obtain free gamecard codes?

dknol answers:

Other than illegal things and stupid survey sites the only way i know to get “free” WoW is to play on a private server and they are never as good as the original, but are still better than nothing if you can't play the retail servers.

Betty asks…

Where can I find a good place that has free World of Warcraft gold guides and glitches for Alliance?

I am practically calling myself pathetic,because I have been playing WoW for like two months and I am only lvl 18,but I have an alt,a lvl 6.Most people I ask in the game play WoW for like a moth or two and they are lvl 70.I need gold making guides becuase I only have 19 gold.I don't feel like spending money on guides,so where is a good site where I can see the guide online?Thanks for reading this question,and if you answer it,thanks again.

dknol answers:

I am not sure what you are doing. You are only level 18 and you have 19 Gold?

I was in my twenties before I was able to put together more than 2-3 Gold at any one time.

Just start completing quests (the little guys with teh Yellow Exclamation Points over their heads). The levels will come. Stop focusing on how much gold you have, the gold will come as you level.

Richard asks…

without paying can you have free world of warcraft?

I'v been looking for free wow for a year now. Does any one have any suggetions other than privete servers?

dknol answers:

Playing the actual WoW free is impossible, unless your a theif, which I'm guessing your not. However, something that isn't illegal is a private server. They are realms of the game hosted by someone, and they are exactly the same as the real World of Warcraft. You do not have to pay, and there are no difficulties in this. However, it isn't going to be the Blizzard authenticated game, and it doesn't have the same feel, especially when your looking for ingame help and the community isn't big enough. However most servers have no level caps and different rules, so sometimes it's fun as well.
You can find hundreds on Google.

Daniel asks…

World of Warcraft Free Trial without giving out my Phone Number?

I really want to make an account for World of Warcraft, but it says it needs my phone number. Entering a fake phone number won't work, and I don't want to give my own. Is there a way to ‘avoid' this and make the account?

dknol answers:

They won't call…just make the account. It's definitely worth trying, but Guild Wars is better.

Joseph asks…

How do you get free World of Warcraft without using private servers.?

I live in Ireland so it needs to work there.

dknol answers:

You don't, I'm afraid. You pay for Retail or don't pay and get Private, your call – You can't have both =/

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