Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Free

Richard asks…

Is it stupid if I keep playing the World of Warcraft free trial?

Ok so I can't subscribe to any MMO's because I don't yet have a job but World of Warcraft looks so awesome, would it be stupid if I just keep playing World of Warcrafts free trial?

dknol answers:

Well i think you should just pay the 16 bucks a month and reap all the good things that come out of making a full acount, remember you cant invite, get past lvl 20 and do all the good things the game has to offer, you dont know what you've been missing out on, seriously, but hey if you cant afford it at all, then who cares, play the trial, good luck

Also i forgot to mention that there are rewards sites out there that you can join and if you can recruit 4 ppl to do an offer, then you can get a 60 day wow time card, there are sites like, ‘so you could post all over forums and stuff, some ppl even do ads on ebay to get sign ups, be imaginative and you can make more than just your 60 day card

Maria asks…

World of Warcraft Is there any free ways to play?

Is there any way to get like free wow time? like how we buy our game time is there any way to play world of warcraft free?

dknol answers:

Yes there is, it's not legal in terms of there rules. But many people still do it. There called Private Severs, you could make one, or join a large one.

Daniel asks…

whats a good free World of Warcraft emulator?

whats a good free World of Warcraft emulator /website
that's up to date?

dknol answers:

There is no emulator for the game. You either buy it and pay a monthly fee to play it or you dont, its an online only game.

Robert asks…

Is there any way to get free world of warcraft game time?

Hi, my account went out and im trying to find a way to get a free game time code. I dont really NEED it but I really want the account back because I am extremely bored. My mom will not give me her credit card to pay for it. Can someone please help me out?

dknol answers:

The refer a friend program is amazing i got 30 free days and lots of ingame stuff!!!

BTW the leveling is 300% faster!!!

Helen asks…

Where can i get a free world of warcraft account?

I want one without characters on the account, i have time cards and stuff but i do not have an account anymore and don't want to fork out mad $$ for a new account.

dknol answers:

If you have it all, just log in and make a new acct if you dont want your old one

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