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Ruth asks…

Games to download on the computer like world of warcraft?

1-Does anyone know a game to download for free on the computer similar to world of warcraft? Or is world of warcraft a free game to download? Plus, if you find a download site, please give me the link.

2-Also, can anyone explain how to download and play simcity 2000 on the computer? I cant figure it out. Thanks for all your answers

dknol answers:

WoW is not a free game,you must pay for it.You can go to Blizzard official website to download it for free.

If you want a faster and easier way to get level 80 or need better PvP gear, I recommend getting in touch with the U.S. Company Yeh! For Games, Inc., you can give them a call at 702-425-8654 or just google yeh for games to get their website. They are based in Nevada State so it is very safe and reliable, unlike all the other unsafe websites that are from foreign countries. My friend got them to level his death knight to level 80 and was one of the first 80s on his server. I am planning to get the new PvP arena gear and have them run Naxx for my Tier 8 gear.

Jenny asks…

How can i record myself playing wow for free?

Is there a program for recording myself playing world of warcraft for free?

dknol answers:

Yes there is a program called fraps you can download from the only thing is that you can only record up to 30 seconds at a time i think unless you pay for it but i think you can just keep recording clips and edit them together or something like that.

David asks…

Are the 30-day WoW trials for different expansions stackable?

So, say I get World of Warcraft. Free 30 days, yay.
What if I add on Burning Crusade? Do I get another free 30 days, adding up to 60 days without needing to pay?
Would I have to download them a month apart to get this benefit?

Or, are the expansions just unstackable? Meaning that if I bought one of the softwares, that would give me my one and only trial, and downloading additional expansions would do nothing?

dknol answers:

I think you can get like an extra free 10 days or something if you have original WoW and don't play it for several months and then do a trial of Burning Crusade.

Also if you are going to purchase WoW get the free trial from blizzard first. Even if you activate your free trial account with a purchased copy of the game shortly after you create it you still get your (I think 10 day, maybe 14) trial added on to the 30 days play time you get for buying the game, and you can use all the stuff like the auction house and trade chat, that you couldn't on the trial you just get some extra free time.

Paul asks…

Where can i get free wow time cards? or play world of warcraft for free?

Where can i get free wow time cards? or play world of warcraft for free? no private servers.

dknol answers:

This site will teach you exactly how to get free wow time.
Its free too.


Richard asks…

what is the fastest way to level in world of warcraft?

what is the fastest way to level in World of Warcraft?
a link to a free manual, or you simply posting as much info as possible on it would be great.
suggestions such as “PLAY” “Power Leveling” “HACK” or various others of the such are prohibited….however I will accept “play while your high” cause that's at least a little funny.

dknol answers:

Legitimately recruit a friend is the best way to level and you simply have an 80 run you instances up to about lvl 45 then you quest with your friend till 60, fly through outlands and then onto northerend and your all set. But even if you dont have an 80 to help you just find some random person online who wants to do recruit a friend im sure you can find somebody on craigslist or something…Or try the slow way and do a leveling guide. Your choice =) enjoy. Idk if the links I listed are free but you can always search google yourself and if you cant find anything free…try and search one of the wow guides that cost money haha and download for free.

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