Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Free

Sandra asks…

Does anyone know where i can get a free world of warcraft addon that will let we level up faster.?

I need to level up faster is there a free addon that will let you do this and also do you need bc to reach level 70?
ok thx. really about the new exansion. cool ill wait
But where can i get the quest finder from.

dknol answers:

What you are talking about ‘levelling up faster' can be helped by various methods from Quest Finders which tell you where quests are and how to do them (these are ‘legal') to things that play the game and level up for you whilst you either watch or even sleep (these are ‘illegal' and if you are caught using them you will be banned).
Also yes, you do need TBC to reach level 70 and there is a new expansion due for release soon that increases the cap again to level 80.
EDIT: is great for finding details on absolutely anything related to WoW.
I stopped playing WoW some time ago but if I remember correctly I used Atlas along with the AtlasQuest addon amongst others which unfortunately I can't remember the names of.
Finally, although I can not confirm this there is a high chance you will need to purchase TBC and reach level 70 before you buy the new expansion as the chances are that you will need to be level 70 to enter the new areas, just like you needed to be at least level 58 to enter TBC.

Jenny asks…

free world of warcraft download?

does anyone know where you can download world of warcraft for free?

dknol answers:

You can download it right off the cite for free and it includes a free 10-day trail as well. However after the ten days, you will have to buy it to obtain a CD-Key. The cite is below.

Hope this helps =)

Robert asks…

Can i add to my World of warcraft free trial time with a guest pass?

Well i got 2 guest passes and i have a ten day free trial. I was simply wondering if i can add my guest passes (10-day each) to my current free trial to extend it?

dknol answers:

Guest passes only work for new trial accounts, as they are codes to 10-day trials.

Mark asks…

How long has it taken you to download the World of Warcraft Free Trial?

I am downloading the WoW free trial from the website and it has taken over seven hours and is only 12%. has this happened to anyone else? how long should it take?

dknol answers:

This should not take you 7 hours to complete 12%, I have done this in the past and it is a semi long process, mostly if its the complete game. But this can be a problem of a firewall most of the time but otherwise it should take an hour or less.

Maria asks…

whats the best free world of warcraft quest helper?

i want a quest help that will tell me the best quest to do.

dknol answers:

It's called questhelper and you can get it over at

It shows you where your objectives are and a good way to go about doing them.

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