Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Free

George asks…

Anyway to get free world of warcraft game time on a pre-exisiting account?

Won't be able to pay for subscription till next week. Any free game time deals? Thanks.

dknol answers:

You could try playing on WoW private servers. They are almost as good as retail WoW. Different servers have different settings (i.e. 3x XP rate, 3x gold, instant 70, etc.). They also have servers where its instant 70 and vendors with t6.

I sometimes log on because I like playing well geared classes. But private servers are no where near as retail WoW.

Hope this helps.

Lizzie asks…

I want to start playing WOW World of Warcraft FREE?

I heard theres free servers…

I never played WOW before I just played runescape for a long time. I know how mmorpg are…

So I want to practice on FREE servers before paying for having an account at the actually WOW server….

How or where can I download WOW and play on private or free server so I can get use to the game before paying?

dknol answers:

There are ways to play for free, private servers. I dont know much about them other then 1. Blizzard would ban your account so you cant play at all if you are using one. 2. It is highly illegal because it violates the ToS which could result in jail time or a hefty fine. My advice is dont do it. Now if you wanna do a trial version, download it at our website,

Betty asks…

Can you get the world of warcraft free trial on a netbook?

I want the WoW 10 day free trial but only have a netbook, could it run on it? It has 1gb RAM and 160gb hdd.

dknol answers:

It would play, not well, but playable with very low settings. I would suggest a beefier Netbook, or possibly a real computer though.

Laura asks…

How can i play my world of warcraft free account without downloading?

i just got a 10 day free trial and have been trying for 3 hours to play it but it wont work

dknol answers:

In order to play you must have the latest patch(es). The game will not fully launch otherwise.

Linda asks…

World of warcraft free ten day trial?

I used my free ten day trial for world of warcraft, I would like to pay for it but I don't know were to go. Help?

dknol answers:

You can get gamecards from a Game store, Ebay ect. But with your 1st WOW game you get a 30 day card, check to see if the Battle chest comes with one. If so thats the way to go, its enough game till you get to 55+

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