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Lizzie asks…

World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Installation issue!?!?

I installed the latest version of World of Warcraft (normal version, when I say up to date, and latest, I mean it is ready for Windows 7)


Then… I insert Burning Crusade. It says “Play” WoW, not “Install” Burning Crusade…


Also, it launched automatically Blizzard Downloader for patch, please explain!

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dknol answers:

Its installed. Download the patch . Then play

Mark asks…

What does kktybai stand for? All I can pull up is world of warcraft forum talk. Can anyone help?

dknol answers:

KK = OK (basically)
TY = Thank You
BAI = Bye

Sharon asks…

Is anyone else having problems logging onto world of warcraft or getting on the forums/website?

My server andorhal was not sposed to be down, however I cant seem to log on at all, and I cant even look at, it just shows that pic of the goblin on robot with site maintence.

dknol answers:

I don't know how or why Emelia finds you or this question so pathetic. What I find to be truly pathetic is that she actually wasted her time typing that meaningless comment.

You're on Yahoo Answers to answer questions or get your questions answered!

But back to the asker's question; I do believe it has something to do with the authentication maintenance going on.
I am unable to log on my account on any computer nor can my brother with his account.

William asks…

Someone with a World of Warcraft account, could you do me?

a favour? I dont have my account anymore, so could you do me a favour? Go on the “Sentinels” forums, and make a topic and post like this for me : (Title) Who remembers Trison?
then post: Hey its me Trison just checking in on the sentinels servers, what has it been? 2 years? longer? who still remembers me? remember how i was the best mage on sentinels? Remember how I owned the horde in the barrens? Yeah, It's me. Would like to know you guys still remember me lmfao, I mean, of course, I'm pretty much famous on Sentinels, Meh who am I kidding, you guys probably died without me. Much love to these people who I havent spoken to in 2.5 years: Reviler, Alunara, Hazual, Neus, Aurikk, and Hecca <3. Bye.

Ok, could someone please post that for me in the SENTINELS WORLD OF WARCRAFT Forum?

post it here, as for the pigheaded comment, What do you think im famous there for? more like infamous, You'd need to understand me as a character in wow to relate lol.
So will someone post it for me asap? I'd be very greatful.

dknol answers:

Change your title…. “Could you do me” is misleading.
Also no, WoW is a waste of money.

Robert asks…

Why do so many couple have issues with World of Warcraft?

Ok, over the past few months, ive seen more and more questions about couples having trouble with their spouses playing World of Warcraft. There are a LOT of ways to take care of the problem, like either
a. Deactivating the account.
b. Putting a time restrict on WoW, which Blizzard is suggesting for people to do more and more. Go to
c. If you cant beat them, join them. Play with them! you may not like it, but at least you can see what they do all the time! Not to mention its a very effiient way to tell them to get off.
d. Interupt them! Always always try to keep them to busy to play the game.
e. Just go to the world of warcraft forums on his account and ask a blizzard representitive what to do. There are a lot of spouses with this problem that go straght for the source. They can help you too.

Note to people who think this is just spam, its really not, those are my suggestions, but i also would like to hear your own suggestions to help others.
ok, im sorry, but sweetgirl, go back through your questions and see who you chose for a best answer on a world of warcraft question.
im sorry sweetgirl, ive tried to help you once, it was to spur romance into the relationship again, im sorry it didnt work out.

dknol answers:

It's just like any other addiction – it can be toned down so it doesn't interfere with a relationship. Unfortunately, most players don't consider it an addiction, and therefore cannot acknowledge it as a problem. Couples who are committed to making things work should seek counseling for addictions as powerful as this.

Myself, I've stopped playing video games and watching TV for the most part – there are so many great things to do outside of the home.

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