Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Forums

John asks…

Is it illegal to host World of Warcraft emulation forums in the U.S.?

If so, where and how should I report them?

dknol answers:

No, it´s not illegal to host WoW emulation forums in the USA.

Lisa asks…

World of Warcraft forum shows error only from my computer. Now I cannot enter the forum.?

Everytime I try to enter the forum, an error text in red shows up instead. It reads ???wow.web.forums.error500.message???
This only happens when accessing the forums through my computer. What could be the problem?

dknol answers:

Id recomend trying these steps.

First, try “Temporarily” disabling your firewall, then trying to log in
If that dosent work, delete all of your cookies, temporary internet files, and cache files
What internet browser do you use? If you use internet explorer id recommend trying Firefox, thats what i use, internet explorer seems to have a lot of bugs in it.

If it still dosent work, send a e-mail to blizzard about the problem, considering the fact that many other people seem to be having this problem blizzard will be working on a solution to fix the problem very shortly.

Betty asks…

Does anyone know of a good world of warcraft roleplay site?

I've been looking for a good world of warcraft roleplay forum but I haven't been able to find one.

dknol answers: is a really good site i need the 10 points please please pick me its good it also has other sites if you dont like it

Robert asks…

World of Warcraft computer question?

Hi, so i originally was going to ask this on the WoW forums (World of Warcraft website) but my account is frozen and i'm not being charged 15 bucks to activate it again and ask a simple question.

Ok so i haven't played the game in a while due to me being away at college and i have no interest in the game here. So i've been thinking about getting back into the game being that the semesters coming to an end.

I'm linking a computer… My question is will this be good for ICC 25 man raids etc with out really crappy frame rates? I mean it has a nice RAM capacity, quad core processing, what else do i need? i mean graphics card obviously, but does that even affect the frame rates? i thought that was just the RAM and the graphics card just improves the quality….what do ya think? thanks in advance if you reply.


dknol answers:

It should work im not 100% sure though but the RAM and graphics card do affect frame rate and the better the RAM and card the better the frame rate.

Nancy asks…

World of Warcraft Forum Login Error?

Hey everyone. I was just on World of and I wanted to go to the forums and try to login again without it saying “login error”. So I tried and it didn't work, I kept on trying but it still won't work. My friend came over and he tried to login and it worked. But then when I went back and tried mine, it still didn't work. Could someone tell me why this isn't working? It might be because my World of Warcraft acount isn't active, like I don't have a subscription set up. But that still doesn't mean that I can't go on the forums right? Thanks.

dknol answers:

You need an active account to login to the official WoW forums. Frozen accounts cannot login to forums, I say just use your friends account to login and post stuff.

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