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John asks…

Why World of Warcraft Forums won't let me log in?

I'm not sure whether this is their site's problem or my browser settings. I can log into accounts management page but unable to log into the forums to post a new topic. Whenever I tried, it will bring me back to the log in page. I have tried it on IE and firefox. Both yield same result.

Come to think of it, I had problems with some other forums too. With the same account, I can appear logged in in some areas and not in other areas. Sometimes I just gave up going or posting anything there.

Anyone has an advice on this?
Sorry I forgot the site's address. It's
I have cookies enabled. I'm not blocked by the forum. It actually let me post something once then when I preview it, it shows errors so I go back one page and it says I can't log in. I tried to log in several times after that, tried clearing cache n cookies. Try restarting browser. No go. And to the free server thingy…

1) it's off topic 2) free server means a lot of things u can get easily but a lot of other things are buggy, I tried those long ago 3) owner usually close down the server after a short while either due to boredom or dont feel like paying bandwidth any more.

dknol answers:

I am not really sure but do you have cookies enabled on your browser? If not then maybe that could be a factor. Were you banned or suspended from the forums? Maybe also you are trying to access them at a very busy time. Try waiting 15-20 minutes then log back on.

I personally prefer Opera browser. Maybe you should try that also. Hope it helps.

Donna asks…

Why does the World of warcraft official website forums NEVER work?

Why do we have to pay a monthly fee for “premium services” where EVERYTIME you log on the the WoW official site, something is not working? Why can't they make their website server more reliable with all the money they recieve?

Why does my Gamecard says it lasts for 60days, yet I can only really play a potential of 50 or so days because of their maintanence which is extended EVERYTIME ?

Why don't they take the hours they use for maintanence off our credit game time?

dknol answers:

Why aren't you asking sony instead of people here that have no idea?

Everquest was down all day today so they could launch a new expansion, and then had to come down within hours to fix it as always.

Ken asks…

how do i view my topics on the world of warcraft forum?

on the wow forum i have posted up some questions but i don't know how to view them and see if i have any new answers how do i see my posts?

dknol answers:

Not to sure but you can try typing in the question u asked and see if it pops up on the forums

Jenny asks…

How do you get on the world of warcraft forum page?

dknol answers:

The World of Warcraft forums can be reached at the URL in the related links below. There are two. One for the US clients and one for the EU clients.

Remember, the forums are free to READ by everyone, but in order to post, you must have a World of Warcraft account that is active.

Daniel asks…

How do I embedd an image in my World of Warcraft forum signature?

dknol answers:

You can't. Blizzard doesn't allow images on the forums. Even with BBCode, their code, or HTML

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