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Ken asks…

Can i play World Of Warcraft with limited broadband?

I have beentrying to find out for over a month now if i can play world of warcraft on a limited broadband connection ive try everything i can think of to find the answer. Can i get play the game if i a limited 3GB Broadband monthy package and is this enough to run the game for the whole month? Somebody Please Help! One Of The People Out There Must Hold The Answer?

dknol answers:

Depends on how much other stuff you do online. If you played WoW 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a month, you would use up just over 10 GB of bandwidth. (Got this info off the official forums, so it's legit.) If you limit your time and only play a couple times a week, you should be fine.

The problem will be with patches. The most recent patch (prior to WotLK's release) was about 2 GB. That's most of your month's limit. You can, however, get the patch somewhere else, save it to a flash drive, and install it at home that way.)

And if you haven't gotten the game yet, you definitely won't be able to install it at home; you'd have to take your computer somewhere with more bandwidth. There are too many patches.

It would require some creativity, but you would probably be okay with very limited playtime.

Thomas asks…

How can I configure my security settings after the new world of warcraft patch so I can log into the game?

I recently downloaded the newest world of warcraft patch, and after being stopped from logging in a few times I checked the world of warcraft site and it told me a few things that might be wrong, the most prevalent of which was my security settings, ive done what I could think of but I dont know what it means, could anyone offer me some assistance?

dknol answers:

Its not you theres been millions of people who cant log on because they downloaded the new patch when i downloaded it , it gave me error message 134 then i went to repair it and it told me it was seriously damaged so i had to reinstall it but now i cant reinstall it blizzards saying it computer virus but we all know they f*** up
here go to this link you can see how many ppls account are messed up because of this patch:

Jenny asks…

Aside from World of Warcraft, what is the best MOMPG available on Mac?

Gave World of Warcraft a shot and wasn't enthralled. Any other suggestions for a Massive Online Multiplayer Game that is supported by Mac OS.

Furthermore, anyone hear of City of Hero/Villians coming to mac?

dknol answers:

This has some information you want, and some you weren't asking for. I copied and pasted the information from the page below. All these are Mac-friendly (with the exception of Guild Wars). This is the list of most popular MMORPGs that are Mac-friendly.

Hope this helps!


The attention surrounding MMOs (massively multiplayer online worlds) has never been greater. But it’s not just role playing games along for the ride; non-game, avatar-driven virtual communities are just as popular, if not by more, and we’re not just talking Second Life here.

So in an effort to cut through the hype and glean some context, here are the most popular MMOs in terms of active users or subscribers, based on publicly available data. These titles may or may not be games, but the medium has expanded far beyond Tolkienesque fantasy worlds. They all are Mac-friendly/Web-based with exception of Guild Wars.

1. World of Warcraft, released 2004 – 8.5 million subscribers. While Habbo is giving Blizzard a run, the numbers generally support WoW as the biggest MMO in the world. Important qualification, though: only 4 million are based in the West and monthly subscribers, while its 4 million Chinese players only pay roughly 4 cents an hour to play it in Internet cafes.

2. Habbo Hotel, released 2000 – 7.5 million active users. The Finland-based “social game” MMO popular with teens and growing fast. Look out, Horde!

3. RuneScape, released 2001 – 5 million active users. A Java-based MMORPG operated by Jagex Ltd. With over nine million active free accounts. Boasts one million paying customers. Fancy that.

4. Club Penguin, released 2006 – 4 million active users. MMO for the kiddies developed by New Horizon Interactive. The game shares similarities with other social environments like Habbo Hotel.

5. Webkinz, released 2005 – 3.8 million active users. Here’s a novel idea: create beanie baby like stuffed animals, assign them a unique ID, then create an MMO portal in which kids can spend even more time using your product. When kids graduate from Club Penguin, they go to Webkinz (or so I’m told.)

6. Gaia Online, released 2003 – 2 million active users. Not quite an MMO, not quite a social site, but founder Derek Liu has openly stated the networks desire to focus on social gaming. Forums make up 30% of the current site activity.

7. Guild Wars, released 2005 – 2 million active users. Another MMORPG made by the popular NCsoft out of South Korea. No Mac love here, but a lot of active users.

8. Puzzle Pirates, released 2003 – 1.5 million active users. Published by Ubisoft and developed by indy king Three Rings, Puzzle Pirates merges casual games with a rising interest in pirate culture. Puffy shirt aside, it’s working like a charm.

9. Lineage I/II, released 1998 – 1 million subscribers. Published by South Koreas NCsoft, Lineage was once the most popular MMO of its day. At one point total active users peaked at 3 million. A Western release in 2002 mostly fizzled.

10. Second Life, released 2003 – 500,000 active users. No introduction needed here. Created by Linden Labs, this virtual world features a rabid fan base, inflated numbers, a high influx of corporate doppelgangers, and lots of digital genitals. First life optional.

Other popular MMOs are sure to exist, particularly new-comers and non-localized Asian games that are sure to grow. Also, this list reflects popularity alone, not necessarily revenue models, though World of Warcraft is performing well on both counts.

For all intents and purposes, the most popular MMOs represent an estimated 50-75% of the total MMO market (30-60 million active users.) Is that enough attention to justify MMO’s recent surge of attention? Maybe not all of the hype, but definitely a large portion of it. And who wouldn’t want a piece of Blizzard’s reoccurring pie or another revenue model with a similar install base?

Interestingly, however, it’s apparent that no single business model is winning out. Subscriptions work well for MMORPG games like WoW that are more akin to crack cocaine than mere entertainment. But what about other non-game MMOs? How will companies bank on consumer attention in those areas? One thing’s for certain: with all the popularity surrounding MMOs several new business models are sure to flourish in the coming years, as it’s not just about games anymore.

Nancy asks…

If i redeem a world of warcraft game card from prizerebel then would it send me the card?

if i redeem a world of warcraft game card from prizze rebel then would it send me the card or only give me the game time code?
The same thing goes for the expansion box, would it send me the box or would it just give me the code?
Because I would much rather get the code than the box.

dknol answers:

Go look on prizerebel forums. LINK:

Mary asks…

will blizzard make a world of warcraft game for xbox 360 or ps3?

i heard some rumors about blizzard could possibly make a console version of world of warcraft. could somebody confirm this please?
i dont know if this is true but it would be awsome if they did huh.

dknol answers:

I think they have thought of the idea and is a regular debate on many forums but I am pretty confident its a no!
In my opinion, it would be very tricky to play wouldnt it unless they applied a keyboard controller and mouse and then you might as well be playing it on the PC only with better graphics.
Im a console girl and prefer console games but honestly, i dont think it could work for Warcraft.
If they did, the only way i could picture it is a FFXIII where you are in control of a few characters and coordinated their actions – heal, attack etc, couldnt imagine it working very well.

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