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Sandy asks…

In the canada/viral video South Park episode, where does “I'm not your buddy, friend” come from?

I saw it quoted *before* the episode on the world of warcraft forums, so I'm assuming it was a youtube video of some sort. Can't find it anywhere though.

dknol answers:

The quote comes from episode 1204 – Canada On Strike. Here's a page with a clip

Thomas asks…

A question for people who play World of Warcraft and post on the server forums?

From all the trash talking that people do saying how they can beat this person and that, saying how they're almighty…don't you feel kinda pathetic that you're using a computer game to prove your manhood? For me I play the game for fun and I may not be as good, but I just don't get why people would get so worked up over something that's supposed to be used as a pastime to relieve stress, NOT create more stress, it doesn't make sense…please explain
awww balding man did I hit a nerve? Are you one of those sad pathetic guys that stay at their mom's basement and play world of warcraft for 24 hours 7 days a week?

dknol answers:

To some people, these computer games are their life. They don't have much else besides what goes on inside of them. Their drama, their best friends, their existance is in these games and they take things way too seriously. They think by proving themselves on forums and through PvP, they can make themselves feel better about who they are.

Honestly, people need to take a step back and understand that it's just a video game. I work at Gamestop and I constantly hear these people talking about WoW and the money they spend on it and I'm just like ‘Why don't you spend that money on a gym membership?”

Sorry if that's not the answer you were looking for.

John asks…

why does it let me sign in on my acount in world of warcraft but it wont let me sign in on the forums??

it says its the wrong password but its not..? >;c

help plz?

dknol answers:

I have had the same issue but my account hasn't been active, so you will be unable to login if this is your situation as well.

David asks…

What is the easiest way for a Level 18 to make lots of Gold on World of Warcraft?

I read so many forums, but they all seem to be farming for people 40 plus.
Any clues? How can i make lots of Gold on World of Warcraft faster ?
p.s. I do play Roleplay…but due to Gold Sellers the priced of items in the Auction House is going through the roof…So i need to farm a wee bit more gold).

dknol answers:

Mining = money
1 stack of iron ore can sell for a lot i myself just sell for cheap its efficient for example i sell 3 stack depending on the market for lets say if the market is low 75gs if the market is high it can sell for 500g… Always sell 3 to 4 stacks at the time

Charles asks…

World of Warcraft – Raiding.

I would rather ask this on Yahoo! Answers than on Warcraft Forums, mainly ‘cos I can't log onto it.

On World of Warcraft, I hate Raiding, and I LOVE PvP, should I go for Raiding Gear anyways, or stay with trying to earn PvP Gear?

dknol answers:

Stick with PvP if you hate raiding. I find it to time consuming and frustrating. Arena gear is extraordinary esp. Season 4. Do what you like, if you get bored with PvP go raid ^^

Have fun!

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