Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Download

Robert asks…

How can I download World of Warcraft on daughter's new laptop?

We have a desktop that we downloaded WOW on. Can we use these same disks to download wow onto the new laptop? And would it be the same account we've always had or would we have to start a whole new account?

dknol answers:

Yes, you can use the disks on as many computers as you want. You will need to buy a second account to be able to play World of Warcraft on both machines at the same time, however.

Ken asks…

How do I download World of Warcraft without finding all my discs?

I know there is somewhere on the Blizzard website, but I can't find it. I need to download the original game, BC, and Wrath. I already own all of them, and the account, so I don't need to pirate them or anything. Thanks!

dknol answers:

Go to this website:

Once there click on “Manage Account” on the left side of the page. Enter your account information and log in.

You should automatically be taken to the version of WoW you have but if not, you can select it from the manage games menu. From there, you can click on the “Download Game Client” box, either on the Windows or Mac version.

Lisa asks…

How do I download World of Warcraft from the internet?

I'm not talking about for free. I just got a new laptop and it doesn't have a disk drive. Is there any way I could use a bought WoW copies number or something to get a download from the internet, or do I have to spend money on an external disk drive?

dknol answers:

You can download the whole of Vanilla WoW off of the website

From there you can make a trial account.

Then you can upgrade your trial to a regular account (pay money for a Authenticity Key)

Then you can upgrade to BC + WotLK, which I'm sure will have the downloads off the website too.


Richard asks…

How Can I Play/Download World of Warcraft For Free?

I have a Mac and want to play World of Warcraft, but I can't buy it right now. How can I get it for free? I know how to use torrents and other stuff like that but I have not found a way to get WOW.

dknol answers:

WoW offers a 10 Day Free Trial, which includes all the expansions. However, if you are planning to download a torrent or a ‘hacked' version of the game, be prepared to be caught. Sorry, but WoW has accounts which you must register your games with now, including serial numbers.

Honestly? Just buy the original game, you'll have plenty of time to save up the money for the expansions if you end up wanting them and on Amazon you can get the game for usually around $10, plus a $15 a month subscription? It's worth it, and frankly the monthly subscription isn't that expensive – you spend that much or more in one visit to a movie theatre.

Linda asks…

If you download World of Warcraft and Expansions online then start a 10 day trial can you…?

Upgrade your trial account with a 60 day pre paid card or any other way without buying world of warcraft and expansions again?

dknol answers:

Post above is correct. Post above the post above is a post made by an idiot.

You need to buy a CD key for each expansion to activate it for your account.

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