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Jenny asks…

Is it possible to download and play World of Warcraft for free?

Is it possible to download World of Warcraft for free?

I don't mean the free trial but to play the full game for free.
Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm.

Would it also be possiblle to download it online? or does the game have to be bought at a game store?

Thank you.

dknol answers:

Yes, there are many private servers on the internet. But you have to realize this is illegal.. Must of the servers are buggy, not functioning 100% and most start with a level 80 or 85. Because they let the real fun out of it, which is leveling with questing and doing dungeons. If you start with a level 1 you can experience the best with your character, knowing it better how to handle..

Just buy! Because this is the best way to get help in-game! There aren't enough people on Private servers to really help you out!

Donald asks…

How am i going to download World of warcraft?

I installed World of Warcraft on my computer, and now all the patches, i think? have to be downloaded. Which is 10.2 GB. My internet provider is Hughes net, unfortunately where I live we don't have much of a choice. The thing is the plan only allows me to use 525 MB a day.. Is there another way to do this? If not I fear I wont ever be able to play the game…

dknol answers:

Might work, might not: Find a friend who has already downloaded the patches. Burn them to DVD. Bring them home and copy onto your computer. Start WoW and it will begin checking the patches and installing them, which by itself will take quite awhile.

Honestly though, you're likely to continue having trouble with WoW for as long as you're on satellite internet: the game relies on your ability to stream (sometimes very large amounts) of data at relatively low latencies.

Charles asks…

do you have to download world of warcraft BC and wotlk to play it?

i recently downloaded world of warcraft and im looking forward to download BC and wotlk but my computer is password protected and my dad only knows the password so i dont want to ask him because he'll say no. so do you have to download the BC and WOTLK to actually play it or can you just upgrade it online and add the code or do you have to download it and then play it?

dknol answers:

Well you can play the original WoW but if you want to access BC and WOTLK you need to download it, but you can just upgrade it online and install it another time. :)

David asks…

How do i download world of warcraft full version without streaming while playing?

i want to download the burning crusades game with the original too but cant find where to download from without streaming whilst playing.

Please give me link or advice please.

thanks .

dknol answers:

Th only way to download the WoW client is via the “Account Management” option on the WoW website. ( or

Laura asks…

Trouble download trial of World of warcraft – read details to see the problem?

failed to download world of warcraft trail. please close all applications and try agian

Thats the message i keep getting it gets to were it says 2 more miutes to go then i get that message please HELP!

dknol answers:

You need to contact Blizzard Support.


Phone: 1-949-955-1382
Hours: 8AM – 8PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday (excluding US holidays)

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