Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Download

Ken asks…

How long would it take to download world of warcraft starter edition?

I got a new computer for christmas and i'm planning on downloading world of warcraft starter edition, how long would it take?

dknol answers:

You can go into download preferences and click ” allow play while downloading” and it will let you play it after about 20 percent is downloaded or something like that which should take no more then 30 minutes

Mary asks…

Why does my internet go in and out when trying to download World of Warcraft?

Most of the time the Broadband Link goes from flashing orange to off, and then back to green every couple of minutes, but sometimes the Local Network goes out and I have to restart the 2wire modem. This only happens when I'm trying to download World of Warcraft. My computer gets 8Gigs of RAM and The internet connection speed test was fine. What could be wrong?

dknol answers:

It could be the modem itself that's having a problem and can't handle it. We had to replace ours earlier this year because our service had increased their speed/whatever and it couldn't take it, it was on and off frequently until we had someone from the company come take a look and told us it was the culprit.

Richard asks…

What Happens if I download World of Warcraft Cataclysm without the other World of Warcraft like: Lich King?

Can i still play word of warcraft cataclysm even though i didn't install/download/Had the other world of warcraft like burning crusade, wrath of the lich king and fall of the lich king?
Pls Tell me what you think ASAP Thanks :)

dknol answers:

Nope, installing Cata requires an installation of Wrath to already be there. Sorry dude.

Sandy asks…

How long did it take you to download World of Warcraft patch 4.3 today?

Don't jump on me… I can't look up anything Warcraft. Any site with a tag of “game” is blocked at work. I am just wondering how long it took to download the patch that was released this morning.

dknol answers:

Actually it only took me a few minutes. Blizzard has completely changed the way that patch information is distributed now. Since slightly before the Cata expac Blizzard has started sending download packets sometimes weeks before a patch is released. You've had most of the patch information for awhile now, this morning will only be updates, changes, bug fixes and then the code that allows you access to what has already been downloaded onto your pc. I would imagine that those who experienced a long download are suffering from very slow connections, or behind firewalls.

Have fun in 4.3!

Jenny asks…

Where can i find a download for World Of Warcraft for free?

Where can i download World of warcraft online for free? please help.

dknol answers:

Go to and they will offer you a 10-day trial

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