Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Download

Mary asks…

How long would it take to download World Of Warcraft, starting with the original and going up to Cataclysm?

I wanna download it but i don't know how long it would take and i don't wanna be waiting a week to play it.

dknol answers:

I would just start by downloading the original and within a few hours you can start playing. You don't need the expansion packs until you reach level 60 (certain races though) so you can download the expansions as you need them. Otherwise it will probably take a night.

Carol asks…

How many times can I download world of warcraft Burning crusade?

I recently purchased burning crusade for me and my cousins and I thought you could download it on more than one computer however their friends say that it only worked once on their computers. If this is true then if I download it on one computer, will they be able to make blood elves and be able to travel to silvermoon city on their computer (we share the same account). Thanks for your help!!!
Remember, this is burning crusade expnasion pack not world of warcraft, ut i think makas is right

dknol answers:

I think there's some confusion here. Yes, you can use the dvd-rom as many times as you like. However, the code which allows the account to access TBC and, as you say make Blood Elfs, can only be used once, on one account. Hope this clears your question up!

Jenny asks…

Is there a way to download world of warcraft patches without using the blizzard downloader?

The blizzard downloader, for some reason, doesn't go past 10% for patch 3.3.0, so i either want to know why that happens, or if theres a way to download patches without using the downloader.

dknol answers:

You can download the patch manually through a mirror site – I usually have to do that when my downloader gets stuck at 10%.

Here's some help for manually installing patches, plus a list of Blizzard-approved mirror sites:

Daniel asks…

can i download world of warcraft onto my computer through the internet if i already have an account?

i have downloaded world of warcraft onto my laptop and i have an account but i moved and dont have internet. can i download wow somehow onto my girlfriends laptop through the internet (since i dont have the discs) and play it through hers?
if so wheres the link?
does the trial work as a whole for the game? can i get the newer versions?

dknol answers:

Ya. I have done that and it works 100%. Here is the link

Maria asks…

Is there a way to download World of Warcraft for free after subscription?

Okay heres my situtation: I downloaded world of warcraft from thier main website last june, subscribed and everything. Hit 70 and badabing… it was sweet. About a month ago I uninstalled the program normally. Now having withdrawls, i would like to know if i can download it again for free (I am still paying my monthly subscription fee- i never cancelled it). Help is greatly appreciated… tysm!

dknol answers:

You can indeed just download the games since you already have an account. Try these links to the free trials, you can download from there.

World of Warcraft:

Burning Crusade:

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