Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Armory

Donna asks…

How to find out what charectors on what account (World of warcraft)?

Hi, wondering if anyone knows how to find out what characters are on a account. Names: sabretooth91,
Ive tried the armoury but Wouldn't work. Just trying to find some characters but as the armory‘s doesn't show under level 10's I cant find them.

dknol answers:

If they are online (in your realm) type

/who sabre

I'm not entirely sure what you are asking here though.

George asks…

Will Blizzard delete your World of Warcraft account after a long time of inactivity?

I haven't been on in a year or 2, but it keeps saying my password is wrong and when I look my character up on the armory it says the info isn't available because I've been so inactive.

dknol answers:

Try to recover your password, you maybe forgot it after the long time. I know after 2 years i have usually forgotten all my old passwords and i have new ones. Also you cant look him up in the armory because you have not been on him for a long time, like you said.

Susan asks…

world of warcraft- when the 48hr maintence happens, will you be able to play wow?

(world of warcraft)
elune server
will you be able to play or will just the armory be shut down?

dknol answers:

Not on the servers that are brought down, but if you have a character on a server that is not under maintenance, you can play on that server.

Richard asks…

How to full view World of Warcraft Chacters?

I was wondering if there is anyway to full view World of Warcraft characters. I want to draw my brothers character for him but I can't find a full body shot anywhere.
I can't ask him to show me because then he would know I drew it (drawing it for Christmas).
Also I did go to the armoury and look up his character but I don't know how to view more than the face.
Any info would be great thanks!

dknol answers:

HI there,
Heres my tips.
There is actually no way in viewing his specific character, The only way IS to log onto his account and view that way, But if you dont want him to know there is no other option, Im sorry to say this = (

The armory only lets you view armor, and not the character, Maybe you could draw him with full Tier sets so he looks really good? If yes Follow this link:


P.S Need any other help? Ask!

Helen asks…

Who has achieved Gladiator Titles for every season. In World of Warcraft?

I've tried googling this and I have yet to find an actual list but. Does anyone know a list or have armory links to players who have achieved Gladiator Title+Drake. Season 1~Season 8. Achieved the drakes and the titles Gladiator,Merciless,Vengeful,Brutal,Deadly,Furious,Relentless,Wrathful.

Particularly of the warlock class

dknol answers:

I think i'm the only one , even it wasn't easy for me to achieve it , but i find a easy methode folowing this tutorials

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