Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Armory

Thomas asks…

WoW Armory server is busy all the time?

The world of warcraft armory is always busy for me and has been for the last 2 or 3 months. I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem and if anyone knows what causes it, how to fix it if possible, any workarounds etc

dknol answers:

The Armory is still in beta and as such not a reliable tool. I also know that they are currently having many problems with it right now (busy, not updating info, etc.). Since it is still in beta you just kind of have to roll with the punches when trying to use it unfortunately.

William asks…

Who wants to buy a World of Warcraft account?

I'm selling a World of Warcraft account. 2 level 80s (mage/pala) alliance. and 1 level 70 (priest) horde.

email me for more detail and armory links.

dknol answers:

It's illegal to do this…the IP address of an account is recorded every time a person logs on, and the account you are selling will be labeled as “hacked” and will be shut down if someone starts consistently logging on at another location.

Steven asks…

How long before an inactive world of warcraft account is removed?

Last login was July of last year. S'been almost a year, and I've been worrying all my stuff is deleted, cause it looks like my character in the armory is pretty empty of gear. I hear from people who play the game that your account is deleted after a year of inactivity. Sidenote: Subscription ended in August of last year. Should I be worried?

dknol answers:

Your characters will always be saved but they take them out of the armory eventually to conserve space. If you started playing again your characters should still be intact.

Chris asks…

My world of warcraft account says the email address was changed i want to change it back but how?

I got an email saying that my email address has requested a change so it is a different one now, i look on the WOW armory all of my stuff from my level 64 druid is gone but thankfully my lvl 80 DK's stuff is still thier cause it was non sellable. I want to know how to change it back. Thanks in advance.

dknol answers:

Sorry to say this, but the e-mail might have been a fake. Scammers often send out e-mail linking you to keylogger websites, which steal your password account and password.

Your best course of action is to contact Blizzard support. Here's the help page:

Scroll down to the section “WHAT DO I DO IF MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN COMPROMISED” to send an e-mail or fill a complaint form.

Don't panic – Blizzard will help get your account back, even if it does take a week or more.

Mary asks…

What are all the special characters accepted in a World of Warcraft character name?

I am writing an application that uses the WoW Armory API. I need to give my users an easy on-screen keyboard to type these (obnoxious) special characters. It would be very helpful to have a list of the special characters that are accepted for a name in the character creation screen.
Posting a link to a list of *all* special characters is completely useless.

dknol answers:


They list almost all of the special characters available with the numpad. As well as the codes for them.

How is it useless? All of those are accepted characters in World of WarCraft, minus the couple of pictures like the heart and copyright sign…

They are in a perfect list, and easy to look through.

I wouldn't call that completely useless, when you weren't able to find them yourself…

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