Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Armory

Linda asks…

Can you view peoples alts through the world of warcraft armory?

Can you view peoples alts through the world of warcraft armory, im trying to find someones alt, can i find it thought there, if so how do i do it?

dknol answers:

You can but, you need to know that characters name and it is also provided that their alt is over lvl 10. You can't search by player.

Sandra asks…

World of Warcraft account hack!?

Okay so I was playing World of Warcraft for about thirty minutes then I logged off to play Minecraft for another thirty minutes then I logged back into World of Warcraft and logged into my character then a minute later it says that I have been disconnected from server. I tried to re-log but it says that the password isn't correct. I went into the World of Warcraft armory and I found out that somebody has obtained gear about 8 minutes ago from a dungeon. And at that time I was never logged in, I was on my Minecraft and today I haven't went into any dungeons. I received the E-Mail which tells me that the password changed somehow but I never changed it. So I clicked the link that told me that you didn't change the password and it took me to the “Account Recovery” site and I typed in my email and name but after I click onto “continue” it says that an error has occurred and the E-mail does not exist. And also by the way when I logged on the first time today somebody random asked me for gold…Please help me guys. Is there a way to recover my account back? Has this ever happened to you? Please give me answers ASAP.

dknol answers:

Just contact a gm through the website, they should be able to fix it

Mary asks…

World of Warcraft/Resilience/In-Game/Armory Bug?

Hello everyone, so I tried to post that on the forum yesterday, nobody replied, so I figured I would post it there. Anyone has a clue about this? In-game, my damage reduction is up to 39.50% with 628 resilience. When I check the armory, it says that I have 50.00% reduction damage with 628 resilience, is it normal? I don't know. But anyway, give me some clue please! :)

Here is the link you can see by yourself:

dknol answers:

The armory takes a a bit to upgrade and all.. Ur real stats are what the in-game stats say they are 100% sure.. Good luck

Thomas asks…

I can't get to the armory links of my characters on world of warcraft.?

These are my two characters.
I can't look at their armory.
Does it have anything to do with my account being frozen?
Also, I haven't logged onto them for a while.
What can I do to fix this problem?

dknol answers:

It's been long enough Blizzard, will take you character off the armory due to the large amount of characters they need to store.

Nancy asks…

How can i find these two world of warcraft characters?

I started to play world of warcraft again and i had two very close friends on there and i cannot find them anymore. I remember there names were nephalym and cedrik with a weird i and e like ê and ï and im not sure which ones though. I tried to find them in the armory but i could not. What should i do?

dknol answers:

Try to see if they are even on the same realm and talk to them about you can not find them, so they can answer your questions.

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