Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Armory

William asks…

World of Warcraft Mobile Armory?

Does the mobile armory app work for the iPod Touch as well as the iPhone?

dknol answers:

It should as long as your on WiFi

Chris asks…

World of Warcraft Website – The Armory player search?

so, i was wondering if there was anyway to message a player on the website, not on the actual game?

dknol answers:

There is no messaging capabilities on the armory website.

You can make forum posts direct to a player on the world of warcraft forums for their realm and hope they see it.

Michael asks…

World of Warcraft HTML help?

On the world of warcraft armory, when you scroll over an item- a little box shows up, telling you the details of the item. Does anyone know how that is done, and could you show me an example? Ty.
that last answer helped a lot, though im still a little lost…
could i get a little elaboration?

dknol answers:

Yeah, the onMouseover command
This is not tested, but try this


Put your mouse over this text to make details show up.

If you want a box with details, you'll have to use css I think like
But that's just how to make the box, either that, or in the document.write thing, write


I hope that works and helps.

Nancy asks…

i deleted my character (world of warcraft).. but it still shows up in armory.. how do i get rid of it?

i deleted my toon about a month ago.. but it still shows up in armory.. i want it to go away forever

dknol answers:

You have to wait a while. They only do the updates for deleted characters every once in a while and eventually your character will just disappear.

Betty asks…

World of Warcraft question?

Ok, so about 3-4 months ago I deleted my WoW account, thinking sometime I might start the account again if I got bored. I think my character was somewhere around 73-74. However, I went to the world of warcraft armory recently to look at my character and it said it was 77 and a talent spec that I would never do. So when you end your account do other people have access to your characters?? and if so how could I get my char back if i decide to play again? However i checked one of my other characters and he was the level that i left him at….
But my character was in the same guild that he was in when i canceled the account and its a really really small guild

dknol answers:

Contact a GM.

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