Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Armory

Sandra asks…

World of Warcraft armory app?

i used to be a sub to WoW but recently quit and all my time is up but while i did play i had that armory app on my ipod, can i still talk to my guildies even if im not a member of WoW

dknol answers:

I think so, but not for long. If you're not on your WoW Character, they will remove it from the armory till you come back to play. I'm not so sure mate.

Ken asks…

Imformation on World of Warcraft armory.?

When I visited a forum for worldofwarcraft realm status I was interested to see that a person can look up the percentages of Alliance:Horde, Race:Faction, Class:Race, and Class:Faction. He noted his sources came from the WoW Armory on the WoW website. Can anyone tell me how to access such imformation?

dknol answers:

I'm not sure about on wowarmory, but you can go to and find the same information in a detailed graph and you can even look up specific characters etc.

Robert asks…

World of Warcraft Armory help!?

i actually have 2 questions here so bear with me.
I quit wow on new years as i want my new years resolution to stop playing wow, but i have the game and a gamecard i cant sell just sitting in my room that has recently made me want to play 1 last time before giving up.
First of all, should i use it or give it away
Second of all, with the wow armory, is there a way to make the date u last played private in ANY way, cause its a long story but im in school and its about popularity, cause thats the only thing holding me back from using the last gamecard so is there any way to make it private? thanks

dknol answers:

Should give it away, you could end up getting addicted if you happened to be before. It's not really worth it anyways, besides Ulduar, there's nothing worth going back for. Make someones day coughmecough and give it away! :P

And no, I don't think it's possible hiding the date.

Paul asks…

World of Warcraft Armory?

Everything on my character is updated, but it says that i am still in a guild that i quit a month ago can anyone tell me if there is a way i can change it?

dknol answers:

The World of Warcraft Armory is still in beta and does not always update in a timely fashion. Updating guild affiliations happens to be one of them that is slow to update.

There isnt anything that you can do to make it update faster.

Laura asks…

World of Warcraft Mobile armory?

I got the WOW trial and i got mobile armory on my Ipod, Then my charactar got deleted on The pc and i made a new one using the same account now my Mobile Armoury Says it cant load my player because of an error, how can i get my new player on mobile armory?

dknol answers:

Well after 10 days your trial ends then you get the option to upgrade your account $15 a month online or $30 game card. They last 2 months.

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