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Sandy asks…

What is the world of warcraft website that allows you to see recent character transfers or changer name change?

I should mention that this site allows you to see the names of other players and transfers of other players.

dknol answers:

I looked on the armory, but found nothing.



James asks…

How exactly does Arena work in World of Warcraft?

I have heard multiple different things on it and i dont know what is going on. During the arena seasons, do you create a new character to use or do you use your own? Do you have to be 80? I need details. Please help!!

dknol answers:

To clarify more on the other answer.

You don't need to be level 80. There are multiple arena brackets, but 80 is the most popular. There is also a level 70 and 60 bracket, but expect long wait times.
You need to be in a team with someone the same level as you, and one of you needs to buy the team which costs 40g per player (80g for 2v2, 200g for 5v5 etc).

You MUST play 10 games within the week to get credit for playing that week. You get arena points on the following Tuesday based on your arena rating. You also get more arena points based on your team size. Calculators for finding out your arena points each week can be found on the WoW armory.

Get used to losing. You will start with a rating of 1500. Chances are, if you haven't played arena before you will lose 90%+ of your first 20 matches until you get the hang of it. Eventually you will be paired up with people around your rank and win 1/2 your matches.

Lisa asks…

How can I find out if someone is logged on to world of warcraft?

I don't have an account, but I want to find out if someone is online or not. I thought there was a way on the WoW website so look at a certain character and it would tell when the last log on date and what not was. If so how do I do this?

dknol answers:

The armory ( might tell you the last log in date >.< but im not sure

your best bet is to get on a trial accnt on the server they play on and type "/who _(name)_____" otherwise yeah, dont think it's doable.

Donna asks…

Does tin foil hat in World of Warcraft still exist?

I was trying to look someone up on the armory, but I can't find them. I've looked them up before without incident, so I was wondering if the tin foil hat still exists in Cataclysm that could block me from seeing their armory page.

dknol answers:

The tin-foil hat was an April Fools joke, it never actually existed. Blizzard does this every year. The tin-foil hat is like, two years old now. >.<

So if you can't find a character, either the character got deleted, or the person stopped their account for a while.

Ken asks…

what is the best spec for a mace rogue on world of warcraft?

i am a human rouge with 2 merc maces. both have mongoose and i really want to stick with them.

whats the best spec for combat mace?

dknol answers:

Depends on whether you want to mainly do PVP or PVE. For PVE try out or visit these pages for alternative viable specs.

Http:// for decent pvp specs for decent pve specs

PVP is a bit of a mess since the last patch, rogues are suffering a bit. With 12k buffed HP and 350-400 res depending on gear, I'm getting killed by palas in <4secs unless I have a full set of cooldowns. Just pick a spec you enjoy tbh and wait til lvl80 before you make your mind up.

I'm running with 0/31/30 at the moment ( which is putting out about 1400dps in raids despite having some blatent PVP talents (and two wasted points). I'd spec properly but raids have been nerfed so badly I can't be bothered running to the trainer :) 3yrs playing human rogue with a lvl70 belf rogue, an abandoned twink39 rogue and a lvl61 gnome rogue leveling up slowly :)

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