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Lisa asks…

Has Blizzard deleted my World of Warcraft character?

So I am thinking about returning to WoW after about a 8 month absence. However, I looked up my character on the WoW Armory to see if it is still around because I hear some MMORPGs delete your character after a certain amount of inactivity. My character shows up on the armory, but all my achievements, armor, and talents are empty. If I reactivate my account, will my character be totally empty like the armory shows?

dknol answers:

There are 3 requirements for a character profile to appear correctly on Armory:
1) A character must be recently active to have its profile appear correctly on the Armory
2) A character must be at least level 10 to have their character sheet appear
3) You'll need to visit the correct Armory (eg. US, EU, etc) for the region the character is on

Meanwhile, since your account has expired for at least 90 days, you can use the following Scroll of Resurrection for 10 days of free game time:

Welcome back!

Laura asks…

can you tell when a person last logged in on world of warcraft?

I just started playing WoW again (just bought the game less than 2 hrs ago) and I wanted to see if some of my old friends that I used to play with online still play. I checked the armory and saw that some of their achievements were back in mid 2009, but that's not specific enough for me. I want to know if I can somehow figure out when they last played / logged in if possible.

dknol answers:

In the armory, you'll notice “last updated” beneath their base stats. That should be the last time they logged on.

Charles asks…

Can't log into my World of Warcraft account..Says i need an authenticator code?

I never set up an authenticator…I dont believe i was hacked though because the armory says all my stuff is still there. Though i can't log in to renew my subscription. What do i do?

dknol answers:

Armory only updates periodically so theres still a chance youve been hacked.. Youll have to contact blizz and let them know you didnt have an authenticator on ur account and hopefully they can figure it out and restore it.. Favorite thing for hackers to do is to hack your account and then put an authenticator on it so makes it harder to get it back.. Personally for 6.50 no shipping costs its well worth it to go get one.. All that work you put into your toons its too big a risk having your stuff stolen..

Mary asks…

For World of Warcraft player's only!?

I have a human, Paladin that is a level 20! His talent is all in, Protection. I am not shure what profession I should do. But what I would want to do is do a profession that is usefull for me and gives me good money. I went on, of warcaft, and saw that a lot of Paladin's do Minning and Engineering. In the, World of Warcaft Master Guide Second Edition Strategy Guide, it says that Minning and Blacksmithing are on good profession to make your own armour and weapons. Another is Minning and Engineering to do AoE damage, light stuns, hit targets at range, and interrupt an enemy's spells. And the last one it mentions is Alchemy and Herbalism to keep my mana up. Plus there is a knew profession that the book doesn't mention and that is Inscription. Please help me on picking a profession for my Paladin.

dknol answers:

If you would like to make your own gear and make gold at the same time mining and blacksmithing would be good for you. Mining is probably a good one either way, then either herbalism or enchanting. Enchanting is really expensive to level up, but once you get high enough you can use inscriptions to make enchants on them then sell them in the AH. If you do do Herbalism, Alchemy is a good way to go for your second one with it.

Robert asks…

When people sell their World of Warcraft account is it simple for them to lie about how much gold they have?

I was wondering because I was going to purchase one and I looked it up on the Armory and I needed to know if it would be simple for them to lie about the amount of gold they had? I was going to use and I was just wondering if they ripped me off and didn't have any gold if I would be able to get my money pay via paypal?

dknol answers:

You are worried that the character doesn't have any gold?

You would be lucky if the account was not permanently banned by the time you get it.

You are depending on the honesty of people who are cheating at the game. It is like asking for an ethical drug dealer

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