Your Questions About World Of Warcraft Addons

Robert asks…

What are some tips and addons on World of Warcraft for being a good tank? Try to be specific?

I just started tanking yesterday and I want to know if their are any good addons and some tips for being a good tank I am a protection warrior.

dknol answers:

Well i am a prot retri/prot pala im not 100% on what powers a warrior has but there are main tthing for every tank out there

1)constantly AOE (what i do is AOE then pull them so they get damaged and come for me)

2)make sure you have raid bars on so that you can see where aggro is (if it on someone else you target the mob attacking that person)

3)switch between monsters hmake sure they constantly on you dont loose aggro on 2 cause it get harder

4)CDs are critical if there are mobs on a boss i prefer to save mine for a boss that way i can be more effective

5)Attack first before ranged and stuff get aggro first!! Always

6)If you know tacs of the dung/raid kite the enemies with strong AOE like the dragons in Baradins Hold you will neeed to move them about to make it easier for your healer

7) MOST IMPORTANT( do this first trust me)………..CC (crowd control) constantly if u have a mage,hunter,warlock,druid,retri pala get CC as many monsters as possible that way you verse less adn makes it easier for you to kill.(ake sure you mark the mob you want the player to CC)

those are they things that you need to do to be a effective tank, im not sure about addons go to and read up on ones for tanks and warriors you should get some good ones

hope this helps

Lizzie asks…

Where do I intsall World of Warcraft addons?

I'm trying to install ‘The Burning Crusade' and it asks me where I would like to install. What folder do I install it too? (I assume it will to this for ‘Wrath of the Lich King' also so if you could tell me where to install that too, I'd appreciate it)

dknol answers:

If you have WOTLK just install off that DVD, there is no reason to install all 3 seperate, you did have to have WOW insalled before you could install TBC but that is not the case for WOTLK it contains all the files you need. And as far as what folder to install it too, it doesn't matter but the default is c: program filesworld of warcraft, or C:Program Files (x86)world of warcraft if you have a 64 bit OS.

P.S. There is a difference between Addons and expansions, expansions is what you are trying to install. Add ons are custom user interface options you can download and install for free to enhance your WoW UI, you can get them from places like

Betty asks…

I'm having a problem with World of Warcraft addons…?

I have downloaded several addons to my World of Warcraft folder and extracted them. However, when I go to the character selection screen, the addon button doesn't appear in the lower-left corner of the screen. Because of this I can't use the addons. I have no idea what to do at this point. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

dknol answers:

You have to extract them to World of Warcraft > Interface > Addons.

David asks…

Problem with World Of Warcraft addons?

I try to download addons to wow but when i go to program files and find world of warcraft i clicked on it but interface doesnt show up. any help?

dknol answers:

Even better. Download Wowmatrix. It's free and you will never have to worry again about addons.
It has a huge database of addons with descriptions.
It gets updated on its own.
It checks if your addons are up to date.
One click to update all of your existing addons.
One click to download and install a new addon from the list.
I've been playing Wow for over four years now and ofc I've used before which is great and it can provide you with almost every addon, but with wowmatrix you don't have to do almost anything.

I have no idea why you can't find your Interface folder though. It should be there especially if you are playing Wrath of the Lich King because Blizzard has it's own addon files in this folder. Maybe try creating the folder yourself or repair World of warcraft.

Ken asks…

How do I use addons in World of Warcraft?

I just downloaded the Cartographer, created a “Cartographer” folder in my WoW AddOns folder, and extracted the files to the “Cartographer” folder. I restarted the game, and I don't see anything different. When I'm in the log in screen I don't even see an AddOns button in the lower left corner. And I have The Burning Crusade expansion pack, if that matters. What am I suppossed to do?

dknol answers:

You don't have to make a separate folder for addons. All you have to do is put the files in the addon folder and thats it.

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